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Nutrition Educator
Organic gardening, hiking, cross country skiing, reading, writing, art, anything outdoors
About Me
The love I have for my Lord Jesus Christ has anchored my life and from there my values stem. If He is not an integral part of your life, I’m afraid we will not find compatibility.
With that being said, I am not “religious”. I have found true freedom as a daughter of Christ, especially as I’ve come to understand the Gospel in a dispensational manner. I’d love to talk to you about it!

Joy fills my days in such a variety of ways. I am an avid organic gardener, and you may find me on a frosty spring morning making fires under my fruit trees to keep the tender blossoms warm. I love chopping wood and trying to pick out the blues on my electric guitar most evenings. Hiking, reading, painting and writing bring much pleasure. My menagerie of horses, dogs and cats are a delight, as is photographing migrant birds stopping in at my feeder. I don’t own a television and try to limit time on the computer as much as I can …there’s too many other fascinating skills to learn and things to discover! Life's simplest pleasures are the finest!

A great romance, in my mind, can only come when there is a deep friendship between two people. When trust is established, freedom can burn away fears and inhibitions. Thus, if we spark one another's interest, I pray we may allow a relationship to blossom naturally.

I am not looking for a man to fulfill my life, but to share it. There is a huge difference – I have no desire to mold or shape you to my whims. I’m a very happy soul and I don’t mind my own company.

Just a bit of a warning, I am a nutrition educator and am passionate about healthy eating. I can drive some people mad, especially if they live off of pizza and soda! :o)

I really am not fond of social media and have too many other interests that warrant my time, so please forgive me if I don't respond immediately to each contact. I'm probably out gardening...or planning for next year's crop! Please don't take it personally!
Thanks for taking the time to read my profile!
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Sit and talk over a cup of tea or coffee...nothing fancy is required.
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