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An extremely well educated family man who wants to raise as many Godly offspring as possible. I love God (יהוה) and His Word (The Bible). While I have only begun to partake of it, I love living in the country and growing my own food. My age is 52, but I am younger than my age.

Only message me if you love The Messiah.

I really enjoy putting some logs into the firebox of my Amish built wood stove, which I installed, myself, and heating up the place to 70, 80 or even 90 degrees when the weather is -20 degrees outside. I like running in the deep snow of Wisconsin almost as much as I liked running on the sandy beaches of New Zealand, California, Texas, Mexico, Peru, Panama, India, etc. I like being out in nature. Etc.

I love to surf, which is why I moved to California for over a decade, and I have surfed all over the world. A friend from NY said that Lake Michigan actually gets surf. So, I am tentatively hopeful about catching some waves this summer, Elohim (God) willing, but I will likely just kiteboard, instead.

Also, I am currently sporting a beard, which is nice and warm in the winter and easier than shaving everyday, but I might trim it prior to summer. :-)

BTW, I am a "normal" guy. So, my conversational skills likely reflect that. Hopefully your (superior) conversational skills can compensate for what is lacking in mine. :-)

A few of my favorite songs:
* https://youtu.be/G1uGObPen3M (I replace the "you" with "Yah".)
* https://youtu.be/E_GsKLJcum8 (I replace "Adonai" with "Yahavah".)
* https://youtu.be/L6tjbz5_my8

A woman who loves Elohim (God) and values family, children and motherhood; who wants to have and help to raise as many children in The Way as we can. She should be Ruach (Spirit) filled and like living in the country, reading and talking about God's Word (The Bible) and working together to get things done.

She understands that family, people and relationships are more important than career, wealth and material possessions. Despite its offense to the culture, she studies and tries to live out the admonitions for her laid out in Yah's Word (The Bible).

BTW, I am fine with educating (homeschooling) our children, myself; taking care of the house and farm; etc. if you want to maintain your career after marriage, since I have been doing that quite well, myself, for the past several years, already. If you would like to be a stay at home mom, that is fine with me, also. :-)

Could you be my future bride? Let me know.

Some Thoughts On Marriage:
State (government) defined marriage has become an unconscionable contract. Given that reality, it seems to me that Elohim's people should enter into a Biblical Covenant that does not involve the state.

Some Thoughts On Soulmates:
Men and women are complementary. We need each other. We are incomplete when alone. However, only Elohim is perfect, and the thought of finding a perfect match is ludicrous. Marriage is about love (e.g., 1 Corinthians 13, Ephesians 5, etc.) and commitment (e.g., Matthew 5 and 19), and hard work and dedication (e.g., Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31), not fantasies about a perfect mate who will fulfill all of one's selfish desires. If done right, marriage will lead to the sanctification of the husband and wife and children, since its interactions will reveal many of each of the family members' individual flaws, allowing the respective individuals to each work to correct themselves.

The Purpose of Marriage:
Elohim stated that the purpose of marriage is the production of Elohim honoring offspring (Malachi 2). Thus, while there are no perfect mates, it behooves anyone seeking to enter into a lifelong covenant in order to fulfill Elohim's aforementioned purpose to carefully eliminate anyone who does not have a heart for Elohim, does not obey Him, is not committed, etc. from consideration, since marrying such a one will likely lead to divorce and, thus, cause violence to the children of the marriage (e.g., Malachi 2).
First Date
I really do not like the idea of dating, as it can lead to unwanted attachments. I prefer the idea of courting, somehow, in order to get to know whether or not we are a fit without creating any bonds. Then, if we decide that we are a match, we should agree to as many life decisions as possible and get married (but likely not in the eyes of the state), IMHO.
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