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About Me
✞ All Praise, Honor & Glory go to God!! ✞

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Born and raised in the country... I’ve lived in the big city (LA, Reno, Anchorage & a few others), once proprietor of a tattoo studio (and a few other successful endeavors) & do have ink (i have since sold the studio & brand name & i no longer tattoo) & I’ve seen the inside of a 747 ✈️ a time or ten but find myself where my roots began.
Strong moral compass & work ethic, compassionate, strong country manners (i think in other parts it’s also known as chivalry), family oriented, I’d rather be with my significant other rather than runnin with the boys... a blanket under the stars... I’d luv to build one of those outdoor swingin rope beds (but have no reason yet)... long walks & holding hands... bit of a romantic 🤫, self taught & i love to learn... also love to just sit and take it all in. I think attraction is physical & spiritual - i luv - 😍 - luv deep convos with my significant other... just about/if not more appealing than a very beautiful evening dress ~ just sayin 💯!! BUT, let’s not skimp on those, either😉😁!!
I realize that a relationship is a two-way street and it takes work from both halves to make the whole complete!

I have worked hard to free myself from the worldly system & the Lord has blessed me! But, by the same token, country life isn’t always easy... it can be back braking, brow sweatin work (fyi: thistles... plenty of thistles, just like the Bible says 😁)... but, for freedom, fresh air, fresh food, fresh water, peace, quiet, stars & blue sky as far as the eye can see... to be in God’s country AND to be able to call the same your workplace ... but a small price to pay, and wouldn’t trade it for the world 💯!!
Jeremiah 6:16

Water & Holy Spirit baptized born again & seeking the same!!!
Sabbath Keeper
Torah Observant
Appointed Feast/Festival Observant
Do not celebrate pagan holidays
If you know: what a Barean is... what the Age of Laodicea is...
If you know what i mean when i speak of a unquenchable desire to be pleasing in His eyes, the insatiable hunger to study & learn ALL that you can about Him & Biblical Truth & implement that into your life, to strengthen your relationship with Him and grow in His presence & service... and to Truly pay it forward (the Grand Commission)... I think that we should share/compare notes 📝💯.
I’m aware of what is going on in the world and seeking the same to have mutual deep conversations with ~
Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Two full faith believers can be an amazing thing (and not just personally for themselves)... just think about two that are born again in the Holy Spirit!!! Theoretically speaking ~ WOW
I am very thankful for all that He has blessed me with & I study His Word daily.
I would ultimately like to find a likeminded marriage partner to grow & share with!

If you can relate... and that sounds like your cup of tea ☕️ (or coffee... they’re both pretty delish)... i think that we should compare notes 📝😉 😁!

A quote that i very much like: The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost & helpless.

A couple of tunes currently on the top of the contemporary playlist:
With Lifted Hands ~ Ryan Stevens
Empty Grave ~ Zach Williams
Nobody ~ Casting Crowns
Lights Shine Bright ~ TobyMac & Hollyn
Hundred Miles ~ Crowder (Acoustic)
Heaven on Earth ~ Stars Go Dim
Love Lifting Me ~ Tasha Layton
Dead Man Walking ~ Jeremy Camp
Jericho ~ Andrew Ripp
Church Clap ~ KB
Bury Me in Blue Jeans ~ Granger Smith
Grandpa ~ Dave Fenley (Cover of the Judds)
Neverfade ~ The Young Escape
Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday ~ Luke Bryan (since i don’t drink... maybe you could be my whiskey in the evenin’ 😉)
Psalm 23 ~ Miqedem (if you don’t know Hebrew, you can turn on the closed captions - CC)
Down To The River To Pray ~ Alison Krauss (the Bel Canto Choir also does a very good live performance of it!)
Wayfaring Stranger ~ Hayde
Ain't No Grave ~ A Southern Gospel Revival
So, this next song... i can’t even believe that i liked it... but, sure enough.
I saw the name & cringed... then thought about it a lil bit more & fig... this aught to actually be interesting ~ one way or the other ... i mean with a name like that... it’s 💯 a hit or a complete miss, right?! So, as it turns out... throw this one in there, too 😁
Sold Out ~ Hawk Nelson
Always looking for good music... would love to hear what you have on rotation!!

The tongue thing😁... kinda old school & don’t like my pic took much & back in the day, if someone was snapping a pic of ya & you didn’t much care for it... you gave them the raspberries 😜😁
My age is wrong., add 5yrs to what it says. I accidentally hit the send button to quick & now I can’t find any way to change it (i dislike that spin wheel Apple has)

I also appreciate women that know modesty ~ i think that it speaks Volumes for and about you 💯 !! 🧂 of the 🌎 ~ nice job & much respect!!
In the mean time... If you have any questions - I’m an open book... feel free to ask!
Let’s talk some theology & hermeneutics or milk goats & homemade cheese & yogurt 😁!!
some say 🤓.
To which i say 💯🤓 - 🙏🏼

I very much look forward to hearing from you & I hope the rest of your day is an amazing one!!

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On a serious side note: 💯‼️

🌪 ~ The WEATHER ~ 🌋
🧐 Have you seen what’s going on with that weather??!!! (weather & growing stuff... ya know how that goes)

♦️‼️ (8/2/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Since the M8.2 in AK, it has rippled down & set of swarms in N Cali as well as a M3.7 in Casper WY. There was also a M6.1 along that very same mountain 🏔 range in S America.

♦️‼️ (7/29/21 8am cst) ‼️♦️
With that Massive ❗️ M8.2 Mega-eathquake ❗️that just hit up in AK right by the Veniaminof volcano 🌋 (FYI: there were also Multiple M5 & M6 earthquakes that went off in that same area)... within the next 7 days, there‘s a very good possibility that the M8.2 could ripple down & set off M4-M5 sized earthquakes in the ID, MT, WY/Yellowstone area (and, I’m not sure if you’ve been paying attention... but, that neck of the woods has been a bit active lately)... all the way down the Rockies! Nor Cal could be expecting a M5-M6 sized earthquake. Later this eve, we’ll catch a glancing blow from a rather large CME... expect that to shake stuff up as well. Then again... it might not do anything... but ~ An ounce of prevention IS WORTH a pound of cure.
Heads on a swivel ~ tis the season 💯

♦️‼️ (7/25/21 7:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
By all reckoning, if you haven’t been a wise squirrel 🐿 and stored up on important stuff... this fall & winter has a very high potential to be not so pleasant (and lamp 🪔 oil being one of them!!! If you know your Bible... you know what is meant... if you don’t ~ you NEED to read your Bible!!)... don’t get caught like Texas and others!! I pray that your Houses are in order (and I’m NOT talking about the building you live in)!!!
If you haven’t checked out the channels that are listed below... or haven’t done so recently... i seriously suggest that you check them out!!
Again, don’t be found wanting ~ it’s too late then

[ ** FYI: i am Not saying anything will happen today, tomorrow, a year from now or a decade from now! What i Am saying is that it was put on my heart to watch this stuff & i’m simply saying that there has been a steady increase in all activity categories (major storms, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, sun flares and NEOs (near earth objects ~ ie: astroids). I will also tell you that mainstream media doesn’t/won’t give you anything other than It’s narrative (as in: this is “global warming”... ooops, that was proven wrong... 🤣... now they call it “climate change”). I am a scientist by trade... and i observe the 3 test minimum rule of science (the more the merrier, ie: the more sample tests you do... the higher the chance that your test results will truly be accurate... and, i don’t just use one source... i use multiple & from different sectors/fields... i explain more below)! Don’t forget to add the info below into the big picture.
I’m simply saying... Just like the Bible... do YOUR OWN homework & don’t be caught off guard!! ]
** An ounce of prevention IS WORTH a pound of cure!!! **

♦️‼️ (7/3/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Brits are talking about a 5 year lockdown plan & are offering a $6M euro contract for “Temporary Body Storage Service”... a contract spanning the next 4 years... do a search, you should have no trouble finding either!
Jason A on YT has a good new release ~ check out the links listed below, as well.
** that was a short glimpse (from 6/1/21-7/3/21)... i hope awareness and curiosity to dig even deeper was imparted... don’t be caught off guard!

♦️‼️ (7/2/21 2pm cst) ‼️♦️
The west coat of Canada has 40+ wildfires spread all across it with mandatory evacuations as well.

♦️‼️ (7/1/21 5:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
The volcano 🌋 Taal has woken back up & just blew!! It’s @ Threat Level 3 with Mandatory evacuations!
It got up to 122*F in Hay River NWT Canada (6/29/21) - fyi: that’s 2/3’s the way up Canada or Only 1/3 the way down from the Arctic Circle 🥶 ~ ... 122*F 🥵

♦️‼️ (7/1/21 3:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
Over 11 Million Australians will be put under mandatory lockdowns again!
Not only that!!... by July 12th it will be Mandatory for NSW (New South Wales) to have a Very specific app to scan a special bar code to even get into the store... if you are a store owner and don’t play Their game... you will be shut down.
It’s called the “Service NSW App”... if you want ANY service of ANY kind... you must use their app. If you want to sell a service of any kind and do not get your own code AND MAKE your customers use it... you will face being shut down. (**this also has to do with the V & tracking as well)
You can do a search for more info - SE (Search Engine) or YT (YouTube)

♦️‼️ (6/30/21 10:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
There is -another- brand new volcano 🌋! It just went off down in Costa Rica, one second there’s a mountain sitting there... then, in an Instant... a massive explosion and now it’s no longer a mountain... but rather a New volcano!! Check out
“Sudden volcanic eruption, apocalypse in Moscow...” by When the Earth Is Angry on YT
Porto Rico (and that neck of the woods) has two major tropical storms bearing down on them that could possibly produce 20’+ waves 🌊!! Just think about that for a second... 20’ waves 🌊!
** I very Strongly encourage you to check out the “ weather phenomena ” links i have listed below... just watch back a week... or even just a few days & Witness all the stuff that’s happening all across the globe!!

♦️‼️ (6/28/21 5pm cst) ‼️♦️
Yellowstone caldera (ie: the mouth of the volcano 🌋) was struck with M3.2 and has had many earthquake swarms... as well as ground uplifting ... check out “Update - Yellowstone M3.24 Earthquake & Swarms” by Mary Greeley on YT.

♦️‼️ (6/27/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Fires in the NW. Check out “Lava Fire Mount Shasta....” by Morning DEW on YT.

♦️‼️ (6/26/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
At Sea: Footage of incident with British destroyer published by Russian FSB by Ruptly on YT
A very interesting exchange, to say the least.

♦️‼️ (6/25/21 9:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
Jason A & Mary Greeley have some good recent updates on YT.

♦️‼️ (6/23/21 9pm cst) ‼️♦️
President of the Philippines has stated that if you live in that country and do not take the V... you will go to jail.

♦️‼️ (6/22/21 8am cst) ‼️♦️
The plandemic jab is now Mandatory in Russia & the UK is on the verge of making it mandatory!!!

♦️‼️ (6/21/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Mt Hood, Reiner & Shasta are still having quakes in their calderas & now Yellowstone is starting to swarm.
Check out Mary Greeley & Morning DEW on YT for more info.

♦️‼️ (6/18/21 10am cst) ‼️♦️
How about those earthquakes in SD & IN?! Can’t imagine that the record setting heatwaves & wildfires in the W & SW are going to help food (crops & cattle) production much at all.

♦️‼️ (6/13/21 9:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
This month we’ve had 1,000 more earthquakes than last month! Check out
Earthquake Warning by Morning Dew on YT
Puerto Rico’s elec customers where hit with a Ddos attk... then, their actual physical transfer station was hit with an “explo” & crippled... point is, sure seems like there’s a bunch of cyber attks.. just like Schuab from the WEF ‘predicted’ that there would be... 🧐
30,000 cattle have died in Latin America from the drought down there... S America is just as bad, if not worse... the upper mid west & south west US ranchers are selling thousands of head of cattle because our drought is getting worse (a small town not too far north of me just sold 5,000 head in just two days)... Japan had to cull 9.8 Million chickens due to the bird flue. Again... do not forget to add all of this up... so that you have the big picture.

♦️‼️ (6/12/21 10am cst) ‼️♦️
Southern Cali:
San Andreas Fault by TheEarthMaster on youtube, pub 6.12.21
Wash state & liquefaction:
Early Morning Earthquakes ... Skokomish, Seattle Area by Mary Greeley on YT, pub 6.12.21

♦️‼️ (6/10/21 10am cst) ‼️♦️
How about those earthquakes on the east coast of the US & Canada?!

♦️‼️ (6/9/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Some pretty good sized wildfires have erupted in the western & south western US, Latin America as well as Jerusalem... check the channels that cover the weather events.

♦️‼️ (6/7/21 10pm cst) ‼️♦️
Mt Hood (which is a volcano) has been swarming... Mary Greeley published a good vid about it earlier today.

♦️‼️ (6/5/21 9:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
After those M5.9s off of Oregon/Cali coast... the Sultan Sea in Cali has been hit with multiple M3-4s and 300+ swarms. Check out: Dutch, Mary, Earthmaster & Morning DEW to get the larger picture.

♦️‼️ (6/4/21 6pm cst) ‼️♦️
A M4.2 has struck the South Dakota/Nebraska border.

♦️‼️ (6/4/21 5:15am cst) ‼️♦️
Two M5.9s hit the western US... as well as swarming in Nevada & a phenomenal amount of Hot Spots all over the Midwest & Western US... Check out DutchSinse.

♦️‼️ (6/3/21 9:30pm cst) ‼️♦️
Check out
Something Strange is Happening in California by Jason A (youtube)
A few other things to keep in mind are that: 1). under Lake Tahoe is what’s called rhyolite... a very explosive volcanic material... and, 2). watch closely in his video, watch the topography... you should be able to tell that Lake Tahoe is actually a super spout!

♦️‼️ (6/2/21 7:30am cst) ‼️♦️
World Economic Forum - you REALLY aught to look them up... look up “You will own Nothing & Like it by WEF!!
Also, check out - WEF’s Invest in Forests by Ice Age Farmer (youtube)!!!!!!

♦️‼️ (6/1/21 6am cst) ‼️♦️
JBS, the worlds largest meat processing company, has shut down Globally due to a “cyber” attack! Also, BRF, the world’s largest poultry producer, is considering earlier chicken slaughter AND temporary stoppage to its pork & poultry plants in response to record high corn 🌽 prices!! Check out
Cyberattack Shuts Down Biggest Meat Producer In World by Ice Age Farmer (youtube)

A new addition to your lexicon should be: Grand Solar Minimum & Grand Solar Maximum, Sun Spot, Coronal Hole & CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). You’d do well to learn about them and their short & long term effects as well as possible steps to help mitigate the effects!!!

If you don’t know what’s happening - world wide - with the weather... as well as what the space weather (the sun) is doing... i seriously recommend checking out these sites on YouTube.
Some are secular but many are Believers... point is, they are what i call True investigative reporters (ie: they are trying to get the Truth out... rather than feeding you only the narrative like mainstream media). Just wait till you see what’s going on and how fast things are happening - All around the world!! They are basically your av Joe & Jill & are a lil rough around the edges (no big money 💵 sets.. etc)... but if you like slick & shiny ✨... mainstream media’s got just what you’re lookin for 💯❗️

- DutchSinse (world wide earthquake forecasts & updates - check his Twitch page, too)
- Morning DEW (world wide earthquake & volcano updates)
- Mary Greeley (She mainly only covers EQs & volcanos in the US.. but, she very specifically covers the Yellow Stone Super Volcano!)
- Earthmaster (world wide earthquake updates)
- Emergency Management Associates (US earthquakes & volcanoes)(As a bonus... he does a good Sunday school episode every Sunday, the last one was about the Tabernacle)
- Suspicious Observer (A very scientific and peer reviewed look at what is happening with the sun... also known as space weather... but... there is more than just the sun that makes up “space weather” & it’s upcoming effect on us)
- Nemesis Maturity (also a scientific look at space weather & it’s upcoming effect on us)
- Skywatch Media News (scientific look at NEOs, space weather & meteorologic events)

The rest specialize in reporting the weather phenomena that’s effecting the entire globe 🌎!!
- Ultramix TV
- Wild WeatherUS
- When the Earth is Angry
- Extreme Weather & Natural Disaster
- Painful Earth
- Chave Weather
- NDNews Weather
- TheEarthMaster
- Disaster Compilations
- Epic Storm
- Nature News
- Diverse TV
- Evolution Crisis
- Live Storm Media (they only cover the US)

Now! If that wasn’t good enough for ya... search the App Store for “DisaterAlert PDC Global” (PDC = Pacific Disaster Center) ... it is a ⛑ First Responder’s ⛑ app!! That app will let you know of EVERY disaster that’s happening in the world 🌎 ... in Real-Time!!! Just look at how many earthquakes (as well as the severity) & volcanos 🌋 that are going off world wide... in just the span of 12hrs... much less in 24hrs!!! {don’t forget to check out how many fires, floods, tornadoes & the like... that are going on as well!!!). This app is good to go all by itself... but, it will back up/you can use it to verify what all those channels are saying!

Don’t take my word for it ~ check for yourself!!

♦️ Also... if you are the head of your household... i would stock up on some of the important stuff. If your margins are thin... so to speak... you and yours will be the first to feel it! No need to go crazy... but i ASSURE you - buffers & options are ALWAYS GOOD to have!!! By the same token... a country adage that holds much value is - it’s generally never a good idea to have all your eggs 🥚 stored in one ☝🏼 basket 🧺... if you lose one ~ you’ll most likely lose them all.

▪️ Proverbs 22:3
The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

▪️ Proverbs 18:9
He also who is slack in his work
Is brother to him who destroys.

▪️ Proverbs 10:4-5
Poor is he who works with a negligent hand,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.
He who gathers in summer is a son who acts wisely,
But he who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully
~(Both for our harvest & His!!!)~

*** Pay attention to what’s going on in Yisreal (Israel) - (Strong's Concordance - Yisrael: "God strives," another name of Jacob and his desc.). ***

♦️ C O M E - O U T - O F - H E R - M Y - P E O P L E ♦️
Yirmeyahu 51:45 (Jeremiah)
Revelation 18:4

Pray for Everyone & then for guidance

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hey, hey!
I hope everyone’s Shavuot was blessed!!
(shaw-vü-oat, literally means “Feast of Weeks”. It’s the same as Pentecost - Penta = 5 {and multiples of it}... as in 50 days from Firstfruits). It starts sun eve (5.16.21) and goes till tues eve (5.18.21).

Shavuot celebrates & commemorates the giving of the Torah (the first five books of Moses {Moshe - Mo-shay .. is actually how you spell & pronounce his name... wouldn’t it be embarrassing to get to Heaven and be calling him by the wrong name all day?!! Just sayin}) - (as well as the 10 Commandments) @ Mount Sinai... AND... the giving of the Holy Spirit to the disciples of Yeshua {Jesus} ~ thus creating the Church) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼!! (Food for thought: Do you think 🤔 that it’s a co-inky-dink (coincidence) that they fall on the Exact same day with Hundreds of years in between... ps: we didn’t pick when we were given the Torah - He did... also... we didn’t pick the day the Holy Spirit came to us - He did. So, i ask again... think 🤔 it’s a co-inky-dink?!!)
It is also known as the - Engagement Contract - ie: the Gift of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh ... pronounced ROO-akh hak-KOH-desh); the Holy Spirit/Ghost (Luke 3:16; 11:13; Eph. 1:13; 4:30; 1 Thess. 4:8; Titus 3:5; 1 Cor. 6:9; Jude 1:20). Occurs more than 90 times in the Brit Chadashah (Brit Haw-daw-shah ~ the New Covenant/New Testament). The word spirit here is Ruach and the word holy is Kodesh.

I hope this Shavuot finds you & yours blessed... as well as in the presence and Comfort of the Holy Spirit!!

Ps: did you also know:
The 7 (God’s number... the number of completion & perfection) Holy Convocations (ie: the 7 Holy Feasts/Festivals that i speak of keeping in my profile) are as follows:
1). Pasach (Pay-sock) (Passover) - Represents Christ’s blood for Atonement ~ Bride Price
2). Chag HaMatzah (Hag Ha-mot-za) (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) - Represents Christ’s Burial
3). First Fruits - Represents Christ’s Resurrection
4). Shavuot (Pentecost) - Represents Christ’s Engagement Contract with the Body of the Church. The gifting of the Holy Spirit.
5). Yom Teruah (Yôm Teh-roo-ah) (Feast of Trumpets) - Represents OUR Repentance as well as The Marriage
6). Yom Kippur (Yôm Kip-poor) (the Day of Atonement!) - Represents OUR Judgment!
7). Sukkot (Sue-coat) (the Feast of Tabernacles) - Represents the King dwells (tabernacle = dwelling) with His Bride & the people.

Did you know... God commanded us to not only keep (observe)... but also - to pass down (to our children as well as any non believer that wants to come to the Lord) the 7 Holy Convocations for ~ EVER & EVER!

Do you know... what a Covenant is? It is a Contract!
What does it take to fulfill a Contract??!! BOTH parties holding up their end of the bargain ~ to the LETTER” ... as the saying goes!

These festivals are God's feasts, not Israel's and not the Church's. He is their Source, He set the times, He gave them meaning, and He is their ultimate Object. (ie: that’s a Jewish Holiday... just for Jewish people or one that man has made... No! Those are God’s Appointed Holy Days for ALL of His people! Having said that... do! be careful not to follow ANYONES man made holidays!)
The second principle appears in the command to "proclaim [them] to be holy convocations." These divinely appointed times are ~ set apart (ie: Holy) ~ for calling together. In today's language, a primary purpose of the feasts of God is to bring God's people together, not just for fellowship, but also for instruction and most importantly, to honor and worship God Himself. These holy times, then, contain a vitally important corporate aspect, producing unity in purpose, doctrine, and relationships within the Body of Christ.

Pss: those hard to pronounce words are Hebrew ~ ie: God’s language (not Israel’s or the Church’s... ie: Israel nor the Church invented it... God did & then He gave it to us)... it all started with what is called Paleo-Hebrew.

Food 🥘 for thought 🧐
Shavuot & An Example of God’s Foreshadowing.
This guy just came out with an excellent video about Shavuot & it also touches on His Foreshadowing! Now, having said that. I am NOT familiar with ANY of his other stuff (ie: i can NOT say how sound his Theology & Hermeneutics are on his other stuff... and i don’t have time to check it out right now) - but his presentation on Shavuot ... SPOT ON!
Besides the True Spirit of this Holy Day... another major take away from that teaching should be the fact that this is all a rehearsal - a Micvah (Mick-vah) (the 7 Holy Convocations/Feasts)... LADIES, did you catch that??!! Thee Wedding 👰🏻 🎩 REHEARSAL... aren’t ya’ll sticklers on wedding rehearsals 😁🤣😉??! I agree, tho... if it’s worth doin... then it’s worth doin Right!!
Check youtube for -
The Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) 2021 by Faithful Performance

🥘 for 🧐
If you’re interested in pre, mid or post Tribulation Rapture...
What are your thoughts on Pre-Trib Rapture vs Mid-Trib or Post-Trib by Lion and Lamb Ministries
Is also Spot On. I am familiar with his and his boy’s Theology & Hermeneutics ... i have watched a lot of their stuff & haven’t found anything out of order.
*** Judgement ALWAYS begins in the house of the Lord... for Your Own good... you’d do well to not ever forget that.

🥘 for 🧐
Saturday or Sunday?
Did Paul keep the Seventh Day Sabbath?
1). It was Paul’s custom to observe the Sabbath.
“Then Paul, as his custom was, went in to them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures” (Acts 17:2). It was the custom of Paul to worship on the Sabbath.
2). Paul continued in keeping the Sabbath not just with the Jews but also with the gentiles.
“But when they departed from Perga, they came to Antioch in Pisidia, and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down.” “So when the Jews went out of the synagogue, the Gentiles begged that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath.” And “On the next Sabbath almost the whole city came together to hear the word of God” (Acts 13:14,42,44).
3). The apostle kept the Sabbath even in gentile cities where there were no synagogues.
“And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside, where prayer was customarily made; and we sat down and spoke to the women who met there” (Acts 16:13).
4). Paul observed 78 Sabbaths in Corinth persuading both Jews and Greeks (Acts 18:11).
“After these things Paul departed from Athens and went to Corinth. And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla (because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome); and he came to them. So, because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and worked; for by occupation they were tentmakers. And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, and persuaded both Jews and Greeks” Acts (18:1-4).
Matthew 24:19-21 (*New Testament*)
19 How miserable those days will be for pregnant and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not occur in the winter ~ or on the Sabbath ~. 21 For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again.
I have to ask... if it’s No Big Deal... why did He warn us??!!!!
♦️ I am NOT encouraging you to join the 7th Day Adventists EITHER!! My SDA brothers & sisters - Michael is NOT Jesus & Jesus is NOT Michael AND there is ONLY ONE way to the Father & it’s NOT through Michael). Please, please do your due diligence!!! ♦️
Keep in mind:
If, then, the absolute rest of the Sabbath becomes hurtful to man, a new departure must be taken, and some amount of labour must be undergone, that man may be benefited. Remember “Foreshadowing” and the number 7 (7 days in the week, the last being the most important... remember the Holy Feasts... there’s 7 and the last {when we go to be with Him} ... is the most important... if you know the Jubalee system... ALSO based on 7 (it’s a bit more comp than that... but generally speaking, Foreshadowing)... and guess what... the last is most important as well). So, personally myself... I’m not going to forget nor fore sake the Sabbath. 🙏🏼

🥘 for 🧐
Works Or No Works
We WILL be judged on our works (or the lack thereof) ... ie: Bema Seat Judgement.
Even if you aren’t Holy Spirit baptised... you REALLY should read this ~ James 2:14-26 - Faith without works is dead.
More food 🥘 for thought on that topic. In Revelation (the END Times)... look 👀 up the 7 Churches... as they are being judged... why if WORKS are dead with Yeshua’s death on the cross do they get JUDGED on their Works .. or the lack thereof?!! PLEASE, don’t be measured & be found Wanting (there is No second chance at that point)!!!

🥘 for 🧐
Grapplin With Ornery Critters
There was a good ‘ol time’ preacher that seemed to know his business pretty well (God rest his soul!)... his name was Lester Sumrall. Here’s what I will tell you DEFINITIVELY... DO BE CAREFUL!! Your foundation (knowledge) better be par excellence!! Having said that: Mr Sumrall gives it to ya straight! (fyi: i have NOT had the opportunity to study All of his work ... but, what i have gleaned, was well worth my time!). He led an amazing life... God took him around the world!! If at all possible... one day or another... i sure wouldn’t mind shaking Mr Sumrall as well as Mr Missler’s (Chuck) (God rest his soul, as well) hands!! 🙏🏼 (True gentlemen of God!!)
If this is your cup of tea... I’d also check out Azusa Street Revival & Shekinah Glory ~ Utterly Amazing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼!!! Dig deep to be sure that you are getting the Truth and not some watered down, second hand (or straight made up/twisted to fit their agenda) story. I’ll tell you exactly who twisted it for their own purpose (it effects us to this day!)... but that a diff story for a diff time.

🥘 for 🧐
You Can Be Religious And Still Not Have Salvation
Complexity of Salvation by Lion and Lamb Ministries (youtube)
This teaching goes hand-in-hand with... “MY Jesus wouldn’t do that”!!!!!
That’s NOT how it works!!! You can be Religious and still NOT have Salvation!
♦️ FYI: not even your pastor (or fill in the blank) is Ultimately responsible for Your Salvation ~ ONLY you are!! Did you do Your homework?!! Don’t be found wanting ~ it’s too late then! ♦️

🥘 for 🧐
📌 “MY Jesus wouldn’t do that”!
If all that you’ve heard/been taught is the “Prosperity Gospel”... then you NEED to watch -
The Five Faces Of Jesus, We Do Not Know by Joel Richardson & Dalton Thomas
DO NOT be a part of the falling away because you didn’t know!!!

🥘 for 🧐
📌 Think you have it bad?! ~ Get your mind right for the End Times!!
Sheep Among Wolves: Volume One by FAI Studios (Joel Richardson & Dalton Thomas)

🥘 for 🧐
The REAL Church Yeshua (Jesus) Wanted Built & The Called-Out-Ones!
The Age of Deceit - Part 6 - Ron Matson
If you‘d like to know what Yeshua (Jesus) expects of a True Church & It’s Members ~ Excellent stuff!!!

🥘 for 🧐
Remember “foreshadowing”.... ever wonder why the very specific sacrifices? Wanna learn how they relate to Yeshua as well as us?
Leviticus Commentary by Koinonia House (Chuck Missler) (playlist on youtube) is full of treasures (all of his Bible studies are)!

As far as God, Jesus & our faith... Our behavior demonstrates what we really believe!

1 Thessalonians 5:14-21
14 And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.
15 See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone.
16 Rejoice always,
17 pray without ceasing,
18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
19 Do not quench the Spirit.
20 Do not despise prophecies,
21 but test everything; hold fast what is good.

Don’t take my word ~ look it up for yourself & pray on it!!!

If anything was accomplished here... i hope it was to bring awareness and curiosity to dig even deeper to reveal the Truth (His Truth & NOT the “truth” of mankind)!

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Did i mention that i take my walk with the Father, our King & Savior Yeshua & the Holy Spirit VERY SERIOUS??!!!

Shalom (peace be with you) & may God bless & keep you!!
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I’m game for anything good!
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