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Finding a life partner will take a miracle but I can at least crack the door, take a step. God is singularly the most important thing to me and to find someone who recognizes the world we live in as it truly is would be a surprise that gives comfort and hope. my life has not been easy, especially in the last few years. I'm by no means wealthy I have been somewhat forced to prioritize the way I live my life. however what I do have is a depth in christ and wisdom that has seemingly become rare. I find peace often remote camping on my own, far away from the rest of the world on some coastline or in the mountains. I am the guy that people reach out to when their lives have fallen apart, or are ashamed of their actions. the truth is I care and empathize deeply to the point that I have to be constantly communicating with God as it can be to much to bear simply as a human. I spent a number of years working with and in a railway slum in India and when out of necessity opened our first children's home, I manged that one and the second we opened. that was going to be the rest of my life weather I remained alone or not. that was taken away but I remain in contact with most of the kids (now grown mostly) to this day. up until five years ago when my life started to fall apart during a trip to Nepal and India. I was a co- founding member of a sex trafficking awareness campaign. in the last five years I have found myself without purpose, without friends that are located near me. I don't understand God's ways or why he allows certain times. what I KNOW, is he is who he says he his, the Bible is final and truth. And he is the only reason I continue, my everything and my hope. from my profile you will see I have weaknesses and yes some vices at this point. but the things he has allowed me to go through have built a strength and understanding that have made me bold in him even when I believed I was about to die on a few occasions. I am not really banking on this site producing a life partner but I do not give up and will continue pursue possibilities to see if he has something for me.
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Just Want To Go Sit Or Walk Maybe a Bite To Eat. Talk And Get To Know Each Other. I Won't Pretend To Be Something I'm Not. I Won't Show You One Version Now And Another Six Months From Now
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