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Jewish Jesus Christ, Protestant Holy Bible, Calvanism, Christian religious rights
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If you cannot confess Jesus Christ the Jewish flesh, blood, and bone Man is the Son of God and that God His Father raised Him from the food before men by what you say (deeds cannot save us because we have sin in our flesh and persecutors of Christians omit the injuries inflicted on Christians in an attempt to make a Christian appear immoral in order to discredit the gospel), including obeying and believing the New Testament Holy Bible and reference responsibly the Old Testament for faith in Christ (instead of for control over others or justification of sinful behavior), rejecting racial supremacy of any kind and sexual immorality including homosexuality, sodomy, fornication, adultery, abortion, child sex abuse, same gender unions (there is no such thing as gay marriage), are Catholic, and rejecting drinking alcohol or doing drugs, then I am not for you. If you do not believe in the resurrection of the Son of God and if you oppose those who believe in Him only for their eternal life, not your deeds in self-righteousness, then I am not for you. If you do not believe that God can and will raise us (Christians) from the dead and are not interested in New Testament Holy Bible teachings to govern marriage between one man and one woman, raising your future family, or as a lifestyle as a single Christian in your decisions, then I am not for you. If you believe the gospel of Christ Jesus justifies slavery or oppression, including spousal abuse, in any way of any one anywhere after the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus (A.D.) or is a license to do evil deeds to others, then I am definitely not for you.

If you are under the age of 48 or are not interested in finding a Christian wife to live out your Christian faith with, then I also am not for you. If you are not single and celibate, then I am not for you. If you are in a relationship with someone when reading this, then do not contact me because if you aren't giving a woman your full attention while dating, you won't after marriage. If you are a non-Protestant Christian or reject Calvanism or believe there are multiple ways to God other than the gospel, I am not for you.

If you have ever been married, I am not for you. If I cannot tell the difference between your church you attend is a night club or hate rally when I visit the church you are a member of, then I am not for you. If you are not completely sure you want children immediately after marriage and more than two children, then I am not for you.

If you think gambling, title loans, payday loans, deed loans, or reverse mortgages of any kind is not sinful and financially reckless behavior, then I am not for you. If you tempt God by not believing you have to save your money for a rainy day to prevent being a burden to others by over-spending or if you have large credit card or other legal debt, then I am not for you. If you do not believe in insurance policies and avoiding behaviors that will make you liable to be sued, then I am not for you.

If you or your family members are not hygienic or prevent other individuals from being hygienic, including your enemies, then I am not for you. If you advocate for or make excuses for the homosexuals and same gender civil unions (LGBTQ) or allows members of their community in your life or those who engage in child endangerment, then I am not for you. If you make excuses for murderers or racism instead of calling it out as evil and sinful and the opposite of the gospel of Christ, and threaten those who do call it out as being judgmental or unforgiving, then I am not for you.

If you believe that being perfect and unforgiving and unmerciful is holy or righteous, then I am not for you. I am a sinner saved by grace in need of forgiveness like everyone else. I am not looking for someone who thinks he is sinless and no longer needs forgiveness or nags me about anything. If you are younger than 47 years of age in the year 2021 or older than 53 years of age in the year 2021, then I am not for you. I am not comfortable around smoking of anything, including marijuana, or alcohol and I do not want to marry anyone who drinks alcohol or smokes or goes to clubs or goes out at night. These are non-negotiable in my dating any Christian man.
First Date
If it is God's will, dates are only during the day, never alone, and never in dark areas, and never in secluded places. I like greasy foods (I eat sweets every once in a while) and I do not judge people for what they want to eat that makes them feel good. I do not drink alcohol and I do not feel comfortable around alcohol, cigarettes or smoking of any kind. I also do not like loud venues or pianos.
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