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About Me
I'm looking for a classy lady! Someone who truly loves the Lord with every fiber of her being. Her true beauty comes from within. It’s woven in her humble spirit and compassionate heart. I desire a Christ-centered relationship that is built on the pillars of faith, hope, and Integrity. Open communication and a sense of humor are essential. While sharing joyful moments is important, the most vital part of a healthy relationship comes from making time for spiritual intimacy. Couples that pray together, stay together.

Our future in this life is definitely uncertain with all the Biblical signs we see happening around us. I would like to finally get married if time allows for that. Yet God’s design for marriage is for two to “become one flesh." That bond is intended to be an unbreakable, lifelong union. It's a sacred covenant that I never want to break (divorce)

* I'm saving sex this time for marriage. Sexual sin is destructive in so many ways. Keeping the marriage bed undefiled honors the Lord. Purity brings blessings and allows two people to naturally come together for the right reasons.

I try to live life knowing that tomorrow is never promised. That involves eliminating distractions (TV, social media) so that any free time is invested in what really matters.

* Old fashioned values
* Enjoys meaningful conversation
* Experiences > Possessions
* Talking > texting
* I don’t support either political party. My vote always goes to Jesus Christ, not man.
* Love animals

About my faith:

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, not religion! Religion does not change the heart. It always comes with legalistic rules and feelings of obligations and false motives. Whereas, a relationship with Christ brings about works that are only rooted in Love. To truly know Christ goes beyond simply spending one hour a week inside a church building. I'm searching for a woman who abides in Christ in all things and knows that he alone grants salvation. My walk of faith keeps me grounded, it keeps me focused on storing up heavenly treasures, rather than the temporal cares of this world. I'm not perfect, but the Lord is continually molding me in his image. The light of Christ rescued me from the shadows of darkness. I have been delivered from mental illness and substance abuse. I’m not ashamed to admit my past weaknesses because I have witnessed the power of God’s love, mercy, and grace in my life. My testimony gives those who struggle with similar problems the hope and belief that nothing is impossible with the Lord. Being reborn means to live out my salvation in obedience to God's will, and to share the love of Christ with others. I stand for Biblical truth, not the world's ideas or pursuits.

*I’m searching for a church to call home. Many churches today have fallen away from the truth of God's word and his ways. New age practices, false teachings, and watered-down gospels have infiltrated a number of them. I prefer home gatherings for fellowship or small traditional churches that are not focused on growing in popularity. A place that has not been contaminated by the world. The early church never compromised! Instead, it focused on accountability and holiness.

A message of hope:

What a time we're living in! We see the vaccine agenda being pushed. The love of many has waxed cold and the fear of God exists only in a remnant. Life is challenging for many of us, but yet God is still in full control. Do not let your heart be troubled with the state of this fallen world. One who has the seal of God should not be consumed with worry about losing this temporal life and the things in it. Always choose faith over fear! Satan's greatest tool is to wear down the saints. The enemy's goal is to try to weaken our hope and faith. So put on the whole armor of God so you can be protected from spiritual warfare and the fiery darts of the enemy. Count all your trials and tribulations as blessings. We need to keep our oil lamps lit at all times so we’re prepared for Christ’s second coming. With every hour that passes by, our Lord's return draws ever closer. Soon, there will be no more pain and no more tears to be cried. All that was ever lost will be restored once again in glory and in perfect harmony - The Garden of Eden
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