Modern man / old fashion values. Ministry minded seeks rare godly Prov. 31 woman.

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African American
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A Marriage Partner
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but not living at home
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Starting a Christian Entertainment Health Care Supervisor in Chicago, IL
Writing Gospel Comedy Plays, Musicals, Films and TV projects. Then use those revenues to biuilding several Homeless Shelters across America. I have faith that The God I serve is able to have these Gospel Christian films and projects shown in every prison
About Me
I am looking for a monogamous relationship leading to marriage." :yay: A woman with staunch unwavering Christian values. A woman who values faithfulness and understands 'Fidelity' is not just the name of a bank. I love The Lord with all my heart and my desire is to make gospel Christian films, Musicals and Stage Plays to the Glory of God!

I LOVE ROMANCE! :dancingp::dancingp::dancingp: I am probably one of the most romantic men you will ever meet!

I enjoy holding hands, taking walks together along the beach or in a park or at a mall or window shopping down town. I have a weakness for fine dinning. I am equally at home in a swank upscale restaurant or a little out of the way Mom & Pop establishment. I enjoy watching a good movie in front of a roaring fire place, with popcorn and real butter. I enjoy spur of the moment getaways or a pinic at the local park. I think that flowers are given for no reason and not just on special occasions. From e-cards, to a simple text to say I'm thinking of you honey or a quick phone call just to say "Sweetheart you were on my mind and did I tell you today that I love you, cherish and value you as one of God's greatest gift." (Behind Jesus Christ of course) This Man desires a woman who will attend church together, pray together, etc.
First Date
Something we both could agree on. It could be a picnic at a park, lunch or dinner or taking in a theater play. I'm open to pretty much anything on a first date, that honors The Lord and doesn't involve blood, radiation or commiting multiple felonies.

I dream of traveling the world with my wife and honeymooning in Paris, Hawaii, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Niagara Falls or any other place she desires. My dream is to open up multiple homeless shelters with the revenues from my Christian Entertainment ventures and also start a small church for the down and out, less fortunate of society. I know there is a anointing on my Christian comedy and dramatic films. I know I am sitting on multiple creative hits. The sad truth is right now I am an unknown. Everybody wants to show up for a 'World Premiere' when all the heavy lifting has been finished. I desire a help-meet that will stand by me while I'm starting out. Will she stand by me if we are feeding the homeless out of the trunk of our car? Or only when we are boarding a flight to Paris? Will she be with me when we have a store front church and the congregation is comprised of the down and out and forgotten of our society, or only when The Lords congregation is made up of doctors and lawyers and celebrities? Will she pray for her husband while he preaches to a small congregation or is she only interested in wearing big hats and sitting on the front row, when the venue is large and prominent.

The folk God elevates to leadership and prominence are those who do not seek the lime-light, prominence or the glory of men. "For a man to seek his own glory is not glory." "For He who builds the house has more glory than the house. ... We are all God's workmanship, created unto good works. Which God has ordained before the foundation of the world!"

It's tight, but it's right!

A man honors the woman he is with, be it in private or public. I pride myself in being a gentleman at all times. If you desire the bad-boy type, I just got acquitted on a triple homicide due to a technicality, I'm not the man for you. If you are praying for a Christian head of household, who will lay down his life for you, lead you in prayer and worship and romance the socks off you, .... I think I made my point. LOL

All things being equal I will not date a non-Christian and absolutely NO SMOKERS! I believe smokers who are saved will go to heaven. Most likely before the rest of us, but I digress. :rolleyes: I consider myself to have a keen wit and a absolutely wonderful sense of humor.
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No :toomuch:
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