His kingdom, not man's.

No mask, no vax, no shallow religion.

if you have the vax...im sorry but n

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Agorism, being seperate, seeking truth and freedom, taking a stand when it is most difficult
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Shalom, i am Jerry.

Modifying my bio here as the world and priorities change. Proud "conspiracy theorist". If you disagree that events of today are without conspiring of leaders i would love to hear your "Anti-conspiracy explaination". This, however, is only in the goal of truth, and we cannot lose sight of God. We wrestle not against flesh and blood primarily.

i would love to find/start a Christ-centric, truth seeking community to serve God and learn to not be of this world in the US or Mexico. maybe off grid, open to van life too.

ok, so i am very far from perfect failing both God and man. i still struggle to submit my will to His. i am trying to quit smoking....

Salvation and marriage; two of the greatest gifts to man. Paul washer is a cool preacher, you should listen :)

Some beliefs:
-Yeshua IS GOD
-celebrating pagan holy days is bad (christmas, etc)
-God's ten commandments are forever (Sabbath)
-The torah is good, but does need to be seen in the light of the revelation of Messiah and the new covenant.
-Catholicism is man's religion not God's.
-modern Demoninations are daughters of the whol(r)e.
-We are saved by grace through faith, not our works!! but unto works also.
-i do agree with most reformed theology
-i see good in many 7th day adventists (i agree particularly eschatologically) but do not believe Ellen White is from God.
-i see much good in some messianic movements, but ultimately have not found one to establish the whole of God's word and most get very off track i believe.
-Home church is biblical and good. homeschooling is close to my heart.
-some great preachers: Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, and Spurgeon.

i believe the gifts of the spirit are real, but i am very against the charismatic/pentacostal movement. i have been in it before and i know what it is.

i also have very strong opinions about the virus, vaccines, and masks; if you just buy and agree with what you are fed and believe this false left-right political agenda, we will most likely have contentions.

i will be very brutally honest - i am open to meeting someone from another country, like mexico, canada, or even south america. i think long distance relationships from another continent are getting more difficult in this day.

We seek to find someone just like us instead of what God has planned. it is self-love. His ways are higher. if you meet someone who fits all the conditions, how can you learn unconditional love?

i love living off the land and gardening. i think counter-economics like Agorism are the way to go. i want to do van life someday and then find a place and homestead and grow a christian community like in the early church.

there is much i am still studying and learning every day. if you are still somehow interested, contact me, and maybe we can chat :) thanks, God bless!
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Comparing notes and beliefs? Meeting your Father?
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