Life is not too short, stop complaining and start living!

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Traveling, Music (Classical, Medieval, Instrumental, Blues and many others- absolutely not insane noise), Reading, Classic Comedy Movies, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Chess, Outdoor Activities and more..
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Believe that every second we waste complaining about life being too short, is a second we waste feeling miserable, and in vain when, instead, we should be using it to enjoy life. Should God grant us the wish to live 500 years, we still would be unhappy because" life would still be too short."
Love traveling and learning about other cultures a great deal. Believe that traditional values and respect are essential, regardless the declining moral values society we are living in today.
I believe that communication must have a privileged place and very much prefer quiet and peaceful places over crowded ones, although do not mind them if the occasion calls for it. You will find out more about me once we communicate.

There are five fingers in one hand, and they are all different, so, I won't expect us to be the same. One may be surprised how two persons can work out their differences or find out if a relationship will work or not. Everything on my side should be just fantastic as long as you are not an immature dreamer, a gold digger or a religious fanatic. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A FEMALE TUTOR OR PASTOR trying to impress me or teach me the Gospel, I am looking for a soulmate. I know Jesus well enough for me, and when in doubt I look for answers in The Bible, not in someone else, so you may leave Him alone and just show me who YOU are. If that sounds good to you I will be delighted to see your letters, otherwise, life moves on, and I wish you happy search!

Spoken languages: Spanish, English and Russian.
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