Faith works by love and love works no ill (Gal 5:6, Rom 13:10)

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Minimalist oriented independent free thinker. I love truth because truth works. Our opinions aren’t sacred, truth is sacred.

Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life. That is a profound statement. Jesus didn't just claim to be speaking "of" the way, truth and the life, He identified Himself with actually being the Way, Truth and the Life. Think about that.

The implication of that statement, if true, would be that our success would be tied to aligning ourselves with the reality of the Way, Truth and the Life. How would we do that? Well, by following Jesus' example, teaching and Spirit. Anything less would be to deceive ourselves.

Is it in fact true that Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the Life? Well, do His teachings work? To forsake all known evil (ie. repentance) and to instead truly love God with ALL our heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbour as ourselves, would that work? To WALK in the Spirit bearing the fruits of the Spirit (ie. love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self control, humbleness, and goodness), would that work? Obviously right living produces outcomes better than wrong living.

Jesus calls us to right living and that right living is found in His example, teaching and Spirit. The Way. the Truth and the Life. REAL LIVING, abiding in the love of God wherein we KNOW Him and He knows us. Not religion, not rules, not regulations, rather the SPIRIT OF LIFE (Romans 8:2).

That's what I choose and I choose it because it works. My faith is pretty simple. Faith works by love and love works no ill. Thus the fruit of a heart established in the love of God will be good fruit. Jesus taught that it is by our fruit that we are made known to the world that we are His children. Faith without works is dead implies the same of the Spirit without fruit.

I’m not religious.

I love ministry/outreach.

I enjoy board games/card games with family. Kicking a ball around. Time down the river and generally just being out and about. I love people.

I have a keen interest in fitness and health and I love long difficult hikes. I enjoy road trips and exploring new places. I appreciate the the freedoms and opportunities which exist in the USA. I enjoy shooting down at the range and I like to go running. I also have a keen interest in technology and am pretty proficient with computers.

I've never held an office job, I have rather worked with my hands in trades from being a pastry chef for ten years in Australia, working on farms, running my own painting business, running my own flea market business, working in carpet cleaning/flood restoration and construction. I also installed solar panels for both residential and commercial projects back in Australia for a year. I currently work as an Uber/Lyft driver which is both flexible and lucrative in the City of Nashville.

I would like to buy some acreage in Eastern Tennessee (so beautiful out there) and raise chickens and grow vegies again like I used to. At the moment though, doing that solo would be a little quiet thus for now I live and work in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee. I love the city for the opportunities and vibrancy but I do prefer the country for lifestyle, peace and self sustainability, especially as we witness this world descend into madness and authoritarianism.

I was born and raised in a small city and lived in the suburbs. Growing up I would spend a lot of time in the bush exploring. As an adult I have lived on two farms as well as a beach town in Australia and in the USA I have spent spent around 15 years living in Middle Tennessee.

I’m an Aussie expat living in Tennessee, USA. Yep, I travelled north and somehow ended up in the South.

Skinski7 on Youtube. You can see me on the beach in Queensland, Australia, teaching Scripture. It’ll give a little insight into who I am, my mannerisms and what I believe.

God is great. :)

Thank you for reading.
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