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At this point, I could LITERALLY write a book about my life...It would actually make a really interesting, entertaining, and inspiring movie or book, for real. Let's just say I'm definitely NOT your average Joe. I've been through hell and came out the other side thanks to the Lord, or at least as close as you can get hell on Earth. Some of it self inflicted, a lot of it out of my control. Without writing an entire novel...My Mother passed away when I was 8, and my Father went wild and did nothing to help me or raise me. It broke me so I immediately went down a dark path that I almost never got off of from the age of 8 until last year. I'm not gonna sit here and lie, I lived in utter sin and did and said a lot of things out of anger and heart break for two decades. I was an atheist because I couldn't fathom why God would allow all of that tragedy, misery, and chaos...Then the day I tried to commit suicide when I was 19 yrs old God literally saved my life. It's a story that sounds like it came out of a novel or movie, but that miracle actually happened! It did change me to an extent, I finally KNEW there was a God because he literally showed himself to me and others that night in a way you just can't explain away as anything but it being God. But to put things in perspective, I legit raised myself. Yeah I had food, clothes, and material things...But everything else was pretty much like "Good luck, kid"...So yeah I knew he was real, but I was still mad at him. It took another decade of another half a dozen near death experiences where The Lord performed miracles you couldn't explain away and also me getting my heart broken by a lot of people, getting in a lot of trouble and then him bailing me out, a lot of terrifying situations that caused me to rethink the way I was living, and basically he just put me through a lot of things that taught me everything that everyone else considered common sense, basic things they learned in childhood the hard way. I am a living example of God's unfailing love and Jesus' limitless mercy. I found out why they call him "The Heavenly Father" first hand...Because my birth Father may have forsaken me, but my true Father stepped in and literally saved my life and my soul. Yes, I was living in total sin, making a ton of horrible decisions and mistakes...But to be fair, the majority of it was just me doing things that don't line up with my true character whatsoever, because I was blinded by sadness and anger (I never did anything TOO crazy, don't worry). I got my heart broken by my ex girlfriend 6 yrs ago because she was the only person to ever see the REAL Quinn shining through the darkness. Unfortunately, the Devil destroyed our relationship. But she was a blessing because she helped me realize I have a heart of gold, and I have a ton to offer this world. Well, I could say a lot. But without going into why/how...JESUS HAS 100% TAKEN ME OUT OF THE DARKNESS! I rededicated my life to Christ in June, and got re-saved June 23rd 2021...And it's not an exaddgerration when they say you get reborn in Christ! Because I truly had an epiphany from Christ so powerful that that is the best way to define how I've changed :) Now in hindsight, I see that The Lord was just refining me through the fire! In some aspects, I'm grateful for what I went through. Because it made me so strong, brave, and bold for The Lord. It taught me so much, and I'm just so entirely grateful Jesus delivered me from the Devil's grasp and has allowed me to be the compassionate, passionate, honest, and GOOD man I always was, and was meant to be! My testimony is so unique and powerful, it could help so many. And that's what I intend to do :) I
am Iiterally a walking miracle and example of how much God loves us, and I now I just wanna share that love and who I truly am with someone else. So I'm hoping to meet someone that sees the real me, someone that forgives me for my past but is just as amazed after hearing my story how God put the meaning of reborn with his plan for me haha. Honesty, U want to meet my soulmate. Someone who sees the real Quinn, without having to ignore and look through all that darkness to see it. I'm hoping and praying God gives me a good Christian woman that is as beautiful inside as she is outside. I'm tired of getting played by wicked women. I want something REAL and special. Someone I can trust 100% and settle down with. Sorry for the book, it's just a summary haha :p Anyway, if you'd like to meet someone unique with a powerful soul and story, feel free to message me. You'll understand why I said it like this once ya get to know me, that's promise. I'll prove my words line up with my actions :)
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Whatever the girl wants within reason lol. I just ask what her ideal date is and give that to her :)
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