I hope that everyone who reads this has a joyous and MERRY Christmas and a blessed New Year With fam

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I Love praise music..The outdoors..God's work of art..(nature).I like to draw..I like sight seeing..being adventurous..
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..Im an honest christian man who seeks the same in a woman..I love the Lord with all of my heart and I want a woman who feels the same way..A foundation in the Lord is the the means to building a long lasting relationship in marriage for the future...If you love the Lord you will also love the person that God places in your life....
I want someone who would want to get to know me as the person God molded me to be
I don't live in the past but the future...The only time we should look at the past is to see how far we've come in our lives in the present.I love talking about the Lord because of the drastic change He made in my life...
I'm faithful,honest,sincere,playful,and loving..My spiritual gift that God has given me is Faith and to be an encourager..I always knew ld find my person, I just didn't know when or, how,no one does, do they?
I realize that Im a handful, Ive been through hard times and Im still here, standing strong and smiling.
My friends think Im crazy for still believing in love after all the dead ends that broke my heart.
But thats just who l am I believe in soulful love, intense passion and real feelings.
I don't need anyone to complete me, fix me or make me whole.| can do all that on my own.
But I do want someone who understands me, loves me unconditionally and makes me feel at peace.
More than that I want the one whose kiss excites
me while their touch soothes and electrifies me
Everyone tells me Ill never find someone like that, but I know differently.i've seen it all around me- friends, and family, so know that kind of love is real and exists
And you have to be willing to risk it all when the love of your life shows up.Sometimes, you only get one chances to fulfill your
destiny and 'm never going to be the person saying "if
They might even show up ten thousand miles away from me, that won't matter..
What's meant to be will always be, but Im going to do my part.And when they look in my eyes, Ill know just why they're the one..more than likely, probably long before that.
IIL know from our first exchange.
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Let God Decide.
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