What I have, the Lord gives me. Even you! Lead on Lord! Let me risk again

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hiking, cycling, ballroom dance, movies, chess, politics, science, engineering,
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The hardest part, writing the intro. Never been one to boast. As I say in my busn, I don't claim to be the best, I just endeavour to DO my best. There are those guys that know how to talk with women, have women fawning all over them? I'm not one of them. If anything, I'm the nice guy that goes unnoticed but the one women call for help. So that's what I do. I help people, if I can. It does mean getting friend-zoned... a lot!

I'm also old school and at 57, still naive. If a woman comes on to me, probably go right over my head. I imagine there's been many women shaking their heads because of me, they basically threw themselves at me and I walked away. Initially I'm attracted by the physical, esp the face. But then, has to be a mental connection, without that, whats the point! So much focus on sex these days, but really, in an instant, that can be off the table ie accident, sickness,etc , then what. I cant email people outside of your set age range even though its only a couple years.

But don’t get me wrong, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it a lot! I long for the romance, the physical touch, the lazy mornings together, and I’m aware there will be arguments, times of stress, sickness, etc. I drive by flower stands and would stop to buy some for her, just because. If I had to work early, I’d let you sleep, get ready quietly then give you a kiss on the head as I left. Sit and discuss our day over coffee/meal, the day planned ahead and what the Lord brought before us that we didn’t plan. If we walked past each other subtly caress you. Then end the day in each others arms.

I was baptized as an infant and as an adult, roughly age 40. My baptismal verse was John 15:5 I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. I've always kept it at heart, and I used at that as part of my testimonial when baptized again. That and the by Tim Hughes - Here I Am To Worship. So I'm just a Christian, raised in the Lutheran faith, attending a Baptist church, well, attending online since Mar'20.

Currently going through a bible study called "Through the Bible in 5yrs, with J Vernon McGee. He broadcast, and recorded, this study in the 70s after 50yrs of ministry. Quite the insight into the Word. Love to be able to learn together with my wife, talk about things, discover the Lord more. As CS Lewis stated in the Last Battle, running toward the Lord, farther in and further up!

Was married 4 yrs. She left. I admit, probably a lot of things I did wrong. But there were a lot of things I did right. That was 23 yrs ago. She's not in the picture anymore. My daughter has moved out but semidependent. I've dated, been serious, but the Lord just didn't allow any of these to mature to marriage.
I've been self employed since 94. Totally unemployable now 😉 but not too proud if I needed to take a job. If I did, I'd make a great employee, follow directions, but think like the owner. I'm not rich, not poor. There's the verse, give me this day my daily bread, not too much lest I rely on it, not too little lest I turn to stealing. The Lord provides. So I can't offer anyone riches, mega traveling, or any "thing" of the world, only what the Lord provides. If you're after more, well, don't reply if I write you. :)

I do enjoy exercising, but can't run any more. I can walk all day, I just pick a good steady pace and keep going. Bout 20lbs overweight. I've done scuba, ballroom dance (not that great-keep forgetting the steps ;) ) , play chess, archery. I was quite sports minded and still into whatever I can. Not really into extreme things. I don't require the adrenaline rush to feel alive, but I can be up for adventure, scuba, etc, not sure about jumping out of planes ;) Really simple things can suffice. The touch of a hand, see a spider web in the morning dew, a walk on the Spit looking at the clouds, watch the waves crashing in after a storm. Or just a good movie.

Not the most organized person, but there is some order about things and I keep working at keeping everything in its place.

I don't smoke anything or do drugs. I'll have the occasional drink, a craft beer will last me a week, or more :) I've only been drunk twice in my life (interesting stories if we get talking) I haven't an addictive personality ...well, maybe to certain sweets, chocolate, cherry pie, cheesecake brownie from Shirley Delicious! mmmmm

Work is my hobby. Its my busn, I enjoy it, most days. I'm good at it. I do my work as if unto God, which means I'm usually doing a little extra for people. I think too much, always trying to improve, my buddy often said I should have been an engineer. I like to modify things to make it work better.

Looking for a "Lady" of grace. On the same page in Faith Morals Ministry Social life and Desire for each other. Look up Tommy Nelson-5 Guidelines for Marriage. Just normal talk, nothing we have to work over. Walks, hikes, bike rides, coffee/tea/no me...not yet lol A pastor at Royal Oak Baptist said during a wedding he'd guarantee a marriage if both were willing to give and to receive. I expanded that to a willingness to forgive AND to be forgiven, to serve AND allow yourself to be served (thinking of Peter as Christ washed his feet) No room for pride, esp in a marriage.

Gotta have a sense of humour. I tell bad dad jokes! Humour is essential in this world. Stuff happens, gotta find something to laugh at. Ask me about when my dad passed away.

Seems at that limbo age, I remember searching online 17yrs ago, upto 50, then 55, now I'm 57, just over that 55 cutoff haha Oh how the time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana lol
And if you haven't noticed, I can be a bit verbose!

Well, ask, and thow shall be answered :)

If I smiled at you, check me out. If you're intrigued, smile back and I'll write. If you smiled at me, I'll check you out, and if I'm intrigued, I'll write to you. See where the Lord leads
Oh, please have a photo. Unless you have a spectacular profile intro, I won't be interested. I'm a face guy, some guys like legs, figure, other "parts" I start at the top and go down. Face Brains then body, though the body may intrigue me to check out the face and the brains
I weigh out the possibilities before I write, ie like the man who before he builds a barn will first make sure he has enough resources. Otherwise he gets half finished and people walk by commenting. Plus, with relationships, there's another life involved. So, if I wrote, it meant I'm taking another risk, wondering if you'll take the risk.
First Date
Just something simple for the first date to get to know each other. Walk and a coffee. Go dancing.
Following dates might be a little more thought out.
Or it may be a phone/video call. The internet makes the world closer but not smaller
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