At this point, I really just want a woman to watch the end of the world with me.

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Art, jewelry, theatre, movies, video games, writing (prose and poetry), design, outdoor activities, camping, archery, knives
About Me
In lieu of a normal profile, please enjoy the following prose poems (don't be concerned about the length: I just like to write).

About you:
You walked through the door wearing honesty on your face, humor on your lips, and love on your heart, and now you're standing there modestly, anticipating a big hug and a bigger kiss. You didn't hide behind a mask when I met you, and you don't hide behind one now even though you think the world might accept you better with one. Your life might give you every reason to be cynical and jaded, but still you choose to be joyful and trusting, and never to let your feelings own you. You don't think you're so independent that you don't need help, or so strong that others have nothing to offer, because you're not an island. You know life is more valuable than personal gain. You shine like the dawn; you're as beautiful as the full moon, and as pure as the sun. His Word serves as your relationship counselor and your purpose, your raison d'ĂȘtre. You understand just how important it is to make love a daily action, and not rely on it to stick around on its own. You also understand just how important it is to believe the best about others (especially me), and not assume the worst. Your pursuit of honesty and truth led you to God, His Son, and His Spirit, who lives in your heart, and now they've led you to me, the man you're currently kissing deeply and passionately. Even though you're far from perfect, and don't claim to be, you still strive to be a Godly woman, and you refuse to become part of the world of selfishness and vanity that exists beyond the door.

About me:
I thought I knew how to be a dad until I was one. It's a sentiment all parents can understand, I think. I read all the books and thought about all the scenarios, but I wasn't prepared for just how completely my daughter melted my heart--nor how quickly her joie de vivre restored mine, which I had previously lost in a quagmire of hollow relationships. I thought I was worth a woman's loyalty, but the number of times I've been betrayed and destroyed gives me cause to think maybe I wasn't. After all, what do I have to offer? Stupid human tricks, like armpits that smell like coffee, or an arm that can vibrate really fast and stipple my drawings for me, or heightened senses that let me compete with my cat? (That last one is hubris, I know, but what am I if not optimistic?) I do still think I'm worth love despite it all--and devotion. All it takes is one woman to love me, right? God tells me there's one on Earth who will. I suppose I could offer her an adventurous spirit, or maybe unwavering monogamy. Perhaps I could offer a heart of sacrifice and servitude filled with love deep and wide, with a tendency toward hopeless romance (with all the poeticism and grace of an armadillo doing a pirouette, if I'm honest). I could offer to be her leader, her cheerleader, and her crying shoulder. I could offer to be hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with her, and sweep her off her feet. There must be one woman out there who would love someone like that, and I would be all those things for her, and more. I know how to be her husband--or at least I think I do--but maybe, like most, I won't really know how to be a husband until I am one.

About us:
We sit on our porch during a storm, reminiscing about our love and accomplishments while thunder rolls in the distance. You smile and ask if I remember how we met. I reply that I was a carpenter working in my father's shop, trying to build a life, when in you walked and reminded me that I couldn't do it alone. "You were never a carpenter," you say, incredulous. "Figuratively," I explain, and then we laugh like school children at the farce, as we have countless times before. You thank me for the incredible massage I gave you earlier; I thank you for the incredible love you've given me. We wax proud that our youngest is now a doctor, and wax poetic that all of our progeny will be beacons of light to the world. We cuddle closer together as the thunder cracks louder overhead, and smile from ear to ear at the butterflies it puts in our stomachs. We look up and thank our Father that He brought us together, that we had the chance to experience real love: love that is patient and kind, that does not envy or boast, and is not proud; love that does not dishonor others, is neither self-seeking nor easily angered, and keeps no record of wrongs; love that does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth; love that always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. We give each other a knowing stare, and remember that it wasn't easy at times, that we wanted to throw in the towel, but we got up and fought hard for what was right--for each other. We embrace and share an immortal kiss as the tempest kicks up its fury around us, and then we head inside, closing the door on the coming night.

Quick litmus test before you continue (this tests for multiple things, none of which are political): do you believe President Trump is a racist, misogynist, or in any way a bigot? Do you believe he told people to inject bleach? Do you believe he said he wanted to grab women in private places? Do you believe he gassed protesters in order to have a photo op? Do you believe he told his supporters to storm the US capitol building? If your answer is yes to any of these, go find proof to back up your beliefs. When you come back, if your answer is still yes even though you're empty-handed, just move on.

Please put an anti-joke in your message so I know you've read this far (unless I write to you first). If you have one or two photos or a low-effort profile, I normally won't bother responding.

Be honest without claiming; be kind without broadcasting; be caring without boasting. Assuming makes an "a-s-s" out of "u" and "m-i-n-g"; I'm not sure who Ming is, but I'm sure she would like you to stop assuming as much as I would.
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I'm interested in getting to know you, so a coffee house, park, museum, or anywhere quiet and public where we can chat and really get to dive in is where I'd prefer to take you.

My social is AgentTomcat. Look me up if you want. Follow me if you want.
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