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I am a real bible thumper. I love studying it and will go so far as to say I'm a Bible literalist, because what He says is true from the beginning to the end. I'm looking for a man who is humble and has done some of his own studying of the Bible, has his own relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm looking for an unvaccinated Jesus freak type man. I am interested in history, biblical archaeology, plants, my family, and "conspiracies", gardening and food preservation, natural medicine and preparing for a future without going to the hospital. My life is full and good, I'm thankful each day. I have learned that my experience while here in the flesh is an individual relationship I have with my Creator and each day I wake up I ask Him to put me to work for His kingdom. He will provide a life most epic. So put those work boots on and as a new creation, be diligent to complete the tasks He puts before you.

I have a lavender farm with goats, dogs, cats, chickens, a vegetable garden, and a koi pond that I work along side my brother and parents.

If God prepares me for a life of wife and motherhood I would be so honored. I think it goes without saying that this is what I desire however I am quite content with where He has me now. I don't need rescued from miserable single hood. I am always down to share testimonies and ponder the deeper things. People always ask if I like to travel. I love to travel however in today's climate I think it wise to become less accustomed to leisure travel especially to other countries. As someone unwilling to be tested or jabbed I will eventually become a less mobile person, especially for flying type trips. Frankly, my life is very home centric, I always have something that needs done and is nearing urgent level, unable to be pushed off much longer. My life cycles with the seasons and it is honestly the best job I've ever had, always learning and changing, maturing then starting over again the next year. If you have read this far and choose to write to me, please include how the Holy Spirit led you to understand the narrative we are spoon fed by the media is all lies. I am not anywhere near "basic"... I do not think about what color I want my nails to be next week. I think about how pervasive it is that the enemy has corrupted the minds and lifestyles of even those who are believers. I just cannot respond to "hey". Tell me everything you know about sandyhook, the route 91 shootings and the moon landings.
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This is a hard question to answer. I am pretty strict that my parents be involved...so I would most likely invite you over to have dinner with my family, play with some baby goats, talk a ton. However I am willing to try out your church if you have one, we are currently looking for a fellowship. We have been doing mostly home church with either just our family or a small group of like minded friends.
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