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Hi. I'm here hoping to find others who have made the same commitment to walk the narrow path. I am also open to finding a companion to share the journey with, but only if our faith/beliefs line up.

But with so many varying Christian beliefs out there, I thought it's best to be upfront as to how I see and understand what God is calling us to. That way, we can see straight off the bat if we are using the same spiritual map and compass, or at the very least, be willing to review the direction we are currently taking, and possibly consider changing course.

In a partner, it is only natural that we are equally yoked. That being said, I am non-denominational. I do not attend, nor follow, doctrines that any (religious) organisation espouses. I am committed to only following Christ in the worship of the One True God and living a spiritual sojourner's life outside the walls of institutions.

I am a Sabbath keeper (Friday (dark/evening) to Saturday dark/evening). I also observe God’s commanded feasts that are found in His Bible, such as Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Atonement, etc. It is my hope she would also see the need to keep God's feasts found in His Bible as well.

As to my understanding of who God is, I see the scriptures reveal that there is only one true God, who alone is immortal, invisible, who alone is good, and Father of all. (This belief is also referred to as monotheism or unitarianism).

In my spiritual pilgrimage, I also see that we need to walk away from all things Babylon. Beginning with the Trinity and Sunday worship, this then extends to pagan/circular holidays such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, New Year’s Celebrations and so on. (A simple 5-minute google search into any or all these celebrations will reveal their Babylonian/pagan origins). If you're one who is willing to question the accepted narratives that are presented, love God, and are not afraid to go against the tide, then it's a must.

I've also come to realise that there are a number of specific spiritual markers and stages of the faith we all have to go through in reaching our final destination. In every case, the beliefs and requirements of the next stage we are about to enter always appear, on the surface, ridiculous, and/or far-fetched. Most times, a spirit of fear, anger, and hostility accompanies it.

It is only when God lifts the scales from our eyes and grants us the repentance and the courage to see His truth that we can then level up. It all comes down to walking by faith. And as we know, faith, without works, is dead.

And please, don't get me wrong, I'm not here to argue or offend. I want to see people grow. For that to happen, we have to be willing to move out of our comfort zone and be willing to question why we believe what we believe and not be afraid to face the truth.

(Last, let's not send winks. They are unnecessary; this platform provides the ability to write to one another in a mature, Christian manner).

First Date
It should be organic. That's not to say we should meet in a veggie garden or cow It all depends on who we are meeting, the reason, and where both of us live.
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