My first mission, is to always honor you.

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I travel the US working contract security, or sometimes other positions. It can be quite a grind. As well as being in strange places all the time.

I can fly out of anywhere. So, relocating is not a huge problem.

It's nice to just go out and have some fun with a little female company. Sparks don't necessarily have to always fly. Let's just have some fun. Dinner, dancing, things like that.
It's just nice to have human contact. Ya know?

Also ladies, when men compliment you on your appearance? It's not always to objectify you. You have to understand that, God made it that way to a certain degree. We love your beauty. But it's more than that. We love your vulnerability as well. You're more delicate. We know. It's part that too. We want to protect, love, nurture you. Not that you're inferior. In many ways you're superior to us. But not all. C'mon. You are always equal to me in my eyes. But I still have to be accountable and lead. That's all.

But, when it does come to sparks for me, I’m actually quite old-fashioned. I think the heart-contact matters first. I like the physical. I believe in attraction. Your eyes have always been my favorites. But like I said, I like slow when it comes to the heart.

But if you want to go out, I’ll pamper you. I’ll treat you nice. I do alright financially. God has blessed me. I don’t mind showing a lady a good time with no strings. As stated before, I try to respect women. Because besides Him, you are the best of me.


I’m a musician as well, Actually, a multi-faceted artist. Music, Write, Draw. Which also means I’m a tad eccentric. Lol At least I know right? The creative mind is always at work, is the best I can explain it.

I like Prog Rock the best.
Prog Rock offers me more of an artistic challenge.
Plus, the lyrics are typically more meaningful than “baby got back”

I write poetry.

Beauty as lovely as a song.
But yet a hardness still
From a strength she has longed
For her heart to be filled

I also work out, and Martial Arts as well. I try to stay fairly fit.
I protect. It’s what I do. In more ways than one.

Also, if we do connect, God will always be first of course, but you will always be number 1 after that. That's how much I behold and honor you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I read yours.
It’s mainly why I liked you. But also,... those eyes. Sigh :-)
First Date
Lunch at the park so we could talk and enjoy nature.
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