I'm not looking for other half, I'm complete. Not looking for someone to make me happy, I am already

Female | 32
British Columbia
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I like to explore town, new places and cultures, walk in nature, go camping, picnic, movies, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, join cultural and volunteering events
About Me
32 years old
Never married, don't have children's
At this moment study and work

***My belief***
God has to be the center of my next relationship.
I like the right things, otherwise it doesn't will work in any sense.

*** About me ***
1. I am not perfect (not perfect body, not perfect personality) I'm here to learn, to grown, to be a better human everyday.
2. I'm a good listener, I think all can be solved with good communication.
3. I am a good person with an beautiful soul. But if you fail one time, I don't give second chances to anyone. I expect the same, I'm willing to give (respect, honestly, loyalty, good communication, genuine love)
4. Don't expect from me to be at home raising children alone, or doing housework everyday. If we get married we are a team, we share house chores, we cook together or go outside to eat together, we do laundry together, we distribute roles and responsibilities.
5. I will work, we both should work, even in our own profession or together in a business.
6. I love to travel, love languages and cultures.

***What I'm looking for***

- A person with similar values, similar principles, someone who would like to become a good friend, husband, lover and life partner.
-Someone who can be in the good and bad of life, in health and in illness, in lack and in abundance. A helping hand in times of difficulty, a smile in times of joy.
- A person who allows me to help him build the best version of himself and who takes the time to build the best of me.
-Someone who recognizes that we have weaknesses but together we can make the best of them. Because we are here to improve every day. And take advantage of our strengths as couple.
- We should recognize our language of love and understand everyone person language.
- I am not looking for financial perfection, because the material comes and goes, what remains is what we have inside and the experiences.
- I am looking for someone who improves every day and fights for their dreams, and who motivates me to be a better person.
- Someone who is willing to cheer me up when I'm down.
-Someone who is able to understand silences, to understand body language, able to understand each other with the look, someone who knowing my story helps me to heal, trust and believe.

*** How I would like to raise kids ***
1. Educate them with high values ( espiritual, ethical and moral values) God as center of their lives.
2. Make sure they acquire better habits than mine (reduce sugar, eat more healthy, only drink water, more exercise)
3.Make them aware of the importance of the conservation of the planet from an early age. Taking care and change what's necessary for to construct a better place for them and for the generations to come (growing their own food, recycling, buying eco-friendly products, save energy, water, so on)
4. Make them feel safe and loved at home, and make sure they become their best version of themselves (Positive)
5. Let them decide their own future, not impose what I think should be. For example if they love art, let them do what they love. I want them to be happy choosing what they want to study and be.
6. Travel a lot, to open their horizons and see the opportunities outside and know other cultures and languages.
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