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It's much and text don't get it done, what do you feel?, I enjoy personal talk it's what god made, it's complete, not text as text leaves out emotional logic unless your god writing, but it's all we have unless you do your skills. I'm a Disney trained artist of a chainsaw, I'm Latin , Italian is. I need a helpmeet as god said. And it's not good man is alone so he made her. Love my self first? Then find a woman? Get money then find her? Lol , god said with her I'll get rich she is my helpmeet HAVE YOU NOT READ? LOL. She loves me, I love her. I should know it all, she should guide me how to do it all after I share it all with her. She should pick me out if I'm on the path she wants to take so I can lead with her help, the job of leadership is not up for grabs , it's me, and you better be helpmeet the goals together, lol, yes you will. Women who compete with men compete with what's less than themselves, they lose at the starting gate. You don't need a man? It's the only thing you don't have then stupid . Your better than that, them. Our fathers knowledge is simple and common and our way to it is individual and feeling logic is you so we can do all with respect and the nurture needed for all to see god with acceptance and thinking logic is me, so all makes sense and reason, those together is the full image of God as one. We can know it all but must do it all with respect to feeling to be heard and seen serving god. You add the way it's done , timing, how. I add the what from our fathers word. I'm serious about family joy in love , it's the purpose of life. Help us meet , the rest have messages to read LOL! help me in simple things even though nothing complicated is a challenge to me because it's not the same. Stupid means " to not have had the way or chance to know, implying the right to be wrong". It's a good word, they taught it wrong love.
First Date
Learn you and god together. Coffee with a view and what will we do never will be what's written here, imagination is never reality when it actually happens it's an image. Made in his image did we as he imaged? See I know it all, you want to know and guide us on how to do it all,? Lol. What would I do on first date? lol, empty, voided question leading in no direction, I have prayed for a first date that's what I would do, pray for it. Lol. What's today's date? Every day has a date and I don't need to do anything lol. I would not try to be at my best but my weakest, life is real coach lol. If ever I disappear my friends pray God save me until you see me text again. I'm a real man of God and know war like most do not. Surround me with bullets flying so I can relax to sleep as they fly because I've always been surrounded by spiritual warfare,out ranked, no family or help and bullets would be a blessing. Get real people eve was decived by the looks of good, an image of good, a lieing image, the reality is becoming that image made family extinct and it is look around you, and our father chose to without fault give blood instead of taking ours. How are your messages images? Sound like God's word? Do you know or check? There is no first date logic understanding, our first date is not about the word date but meeting. Do we meet or not. Evenly yoked or not. Do we meet like hand and glove? There is no first meet, it's the first and last meeting, because we be one or nothing. Stop thinking in words without knowledge if you do, void sayings, empty questions, words used in an empty way, can you understand wisdom? It's ok but I won't let you stay that way, I can protect, especially your mind love. Can I teach you and you me? Can you unlearn also with me when we find lies we where decived with that need to be out of our mind? If your reading this and not enjoying it, go finish reading your messages lol. Here's your sign.LOL, don't get in the way of the lady who will make me and her shine. Words can't explain the beginning and end of our meet, peace beyond understanding is what god will do, don't think about what we want to do.
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