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Although I am witty and love to laugh, I am a solid believer in Christian values and family morals, and a daily striver in putting on the full armour of God with a humbled and loving heart. We are to learn to praise God in the storms, in the waiting and for victories and those yet to come in Jesus name. Awake and sober in the times we are in and of what’s to come (Matthew 24 & more) and a dedicated momma. Sense of humour and positive attitude with a clean mind and patient heart goes a long way—not flattery and money. An encourager and supporter of my children and helping them grow spiritually in their walk with God, uplifting them and not into putting them down in a relentless jokingly and ungodly manner—we are called to rise and be the Light in Jesus name (Matthew 18:6).

No matter what, Jesus will always be my number One. I am a spiritually mature daughter of God and am led by the Holy Spirit and His many gifts and I am driven in my daily relationship with God, remaining firm in obeying Him above all.

I believe the entirety of the Word of God as truth and I stand for the truth in the name of Jesus. I believe in walking the talk spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I have no time for bullies, cheaters, liars, smokers & heavy drinkers, or victim card players—you will be called out. May the Holy Spirit convict and help you overcome such things in Jesus name. God is not mocked.

You must be a local from within Canada please, preferably in Alberta. Following God’s Will above all. Strong Christian values that align with God’s Will is absolutely important and it is my prayer that you are patient and real—not a workaholic and gone most of the time, not a lukewarm believer—yet also doesn’t live in dreamland away from reality, all of the time—a balance is good and knows how to support and plan in unison towards one another’s goals and dreams that are realistic in God’s eyes (1 Corinthians 13).

I am very creative in many different ways, photography, drawing, woodwork, writing, self-published author, and so forth…experienced many things and have survived and gone through a lot—God carries me through—no one compares to the endless mercy and blessings God pours out every single day. Everyone must realize that we are not to hold onto the things of this world, nor of the things in it—to not love anything, nor anyone else more than Jesus Christ (1 John 2:15). This includes for example, not being obsessed with a sport before family, an addiction before self-care, or an ungodly thought or action in place of following ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ instead…
—let alone, thinking that you have to have and hold onto “needing” your mountain, etc. (1 John 2:15). God first means GOD FIRST. There is no middle when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ and being an active follower of Jesus. We are to take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5).

To the people from afar—no, I won’t move to another country or continent. God bless you.

Must enjoy a family oriented lifestyle and is able to rest and relax at home, while also enjoys other pastimes on the side and isn’t afraid to enjoy life to its fullest.

Thank you for checkin out my page, God bless you.
First Date
Conversation, dinner, movie, maybe an activity something both can enjoy and help break the ice lol. Also love to cook and am pretty open minded to options. 😌

I have both a heart/lung related preexisting condition that I no longer can hike up big mountains but do many other things—so if you’re looking for an extreme workout partner, I’m sorry I am not it. I grew up as a tomboy and am into road tripping, camping, hunting, fishing, animals, relaxing by a lake, boating, 4x4ing, determined and work hard at anything I do and try new things. Open minded but absolutely humbled and I have a heart always after God’s own heart. This life is short and Jesus is coming soon, so let us learn how best to make it count, share the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn best in how to occupy until He comes back to take us Home.

Must be an Albertan local, easier to meet and go from there, to see where God leads us. If you are still legally married and/or in a relationship with someone else and are flirting with others, please do not message me.

**Disclaimer** — Canadian resident inquiries only please.
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