Strong Christian, Landscaper/Handyman Lots of hobbies & interests incl Classic Cars, Nice Guy, Gentl

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South Australia
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A Marriage Partner
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4 Yr College Degree
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Many, Cycling, Walking, dogs, wolves, Classic cars, model aircraft, Golf, Home & car maintenance and repairs.
Seeking an attractive single lady living solo that is a Christian, & understands what love means.
About Me
I am a Dedicated Christian. Im seeking a serious relationship with a similar Lady.
My Christian life is a major part of my life. It’s a daily part of my life, All day every day.
Every day we have come is one more than we deserve. He lives & blesses us, we are his masterpiece. He blesses me & protects me, you should hear how he blesses me & protects me, I should be dead several times now, He has more Purpose for me.
Every day God gave us from birth is a great day. We have our life which is, but a snapshot in time.
Only our brains make us think our days are good or bad, however every day is a great day regardless. Our brains tell us otherwise. For instance, if something bad happens our brains tell us it is a bad day, no it isn’t, it is still a great day. If we have something good happen our brains tell us it’s a better day, no it isn’t, the day is still the same, it is still the same great day that God gave us.
Think of our life line is a line which can be illustrated by stretching out your hands, this illustrates our lifeline. If something bad happens, we sit in our thinking below this lifeline because of a brain, if something good happens our thinking sits above this line. However and days as far as good or bad do not change, for every day is a great day. This is what God gave us a great day every day.Every day is a great day. Once you accept this, you realise, every day is great, nothing can change thus, and you have joy..
Once I realised this, my life made so much more sense & I have joy back in my life, every day.
All I can offer you is love. Does anything else really matter?
If you say you want someone who’s loving & caring, do you have those traits?
First Date
Something simple, Will decide that together. Probably a coffee.
Do you really want to have dinner for a first date, what if it’s awkward?
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