Looking for an occasional cup of coffe with someone who can relate to my genration as I transition i

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Caring for my two aging Chihuahuas. cooking, baking, outomobile restoration, gardening, yard work, home maintenance, Knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, volunteer work, tinkering, inventing. taking positive steps toward saving a Planet called Earth.
About Me
I live in Joplin, Missouri. Honestly just looking for intelligent conversion with a female friend. I do not need your money and I will not send any to you. Maybe you can understand what I mean without going into further details. I am transitioning into Retirement. I am 66 years old and feeling my age more every day. For the next several years I am focused on caring for my two aging Chihuahuas. Anyone who has lived with a dog will understand. I am also holding a virtual yard sale to dispose of some personal property accumulated by my recently deceased wife. Thank you in advance for your condolences but the dogs and I are really OK. She is finally Pain Free for the first time since I met her in 1998. I have no family connections due to mutual consent. I simply refused years ago to be nothing more than an Instant Cash Machine and they objected. I will not start being a Cash Machine now. Ladies, if you send pictures, I do not accept any pictures that I would not show to my 90 year old Mother. Use that as your guideline. I will never lie to you, or intentionally hurt you in any way. The conversations that I am seeking will be with someone who understands that when a Lady asks a question she waits for the Gentleman to respond.Then it is his turn to ask and wait. Conversation, not Interrogation. I prefer to allow the ladies to ask first due to my outdated ladies first policy. We can "talk" about anything you like. Be forewarned that I am an old Cowboy Story teller and a Chuck Wagon Cook Philosopher. There are no foolish questions and there are no short answers from me around my campfire.
First Date
Meet at my local Denny's for Coffee. If it goes well perhaps some desert. I will pay the tab. My Boys suffer from separation Anxiety if I leave them alone for more than a couple of hours. so please don't be offended if I consult the clock from time to time. I will wear a Bow Tie though you may not see it under my Beard. No need for my Date to fuss too much about her appearance, I will be looking for the actual Human being that you are. I'll wear my best Blue Bibbed overalls so you can base your preparations on that. Be prepared to tell me as much of your story as you like, but I can spot a Lie from a mile off and I will catch you in it.
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