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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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Receiver at Lowes distribution center and I started a side craft business!
Church, cars, Crafts, Photography, Reading, Movies, More
About Me
Who wants to go shopping for a Christmas Angel with me ?
Or shop for the homeless or for soldiers ?
Maybe you would like to join Habitat for Humanity with me.
Want to do something fun with foster kids?
Maybe join a big brother/sister program.
Visit a nursing home?
What is most attractive to me is a man who has a heart for others, I love to see a gentle and caring person because that is what I look for
If you have a heart for ministry you have my attention.
maybe you have a craft or a trade and would like to do shows with me .... I actually would like to travel to different events and shows selling my craft.
I sew, quilt, crochet, and refurbish furniture, so I have a wide range of crafting and love to find someone who has similar interests.
I want to learn how to do wood working and build furniture.

If you are looking for a girl who wears make up all the time and gets her hair and nails done, I'm sorry but you will be disappointed.
I barely ever wear makeup, and I'm more likely to have dirt or paint under my nails than have beautiful painted nails lol
I really do try to look nice, I promise you won't be going out with a slob... My profile photos pretty much show my style so you can see that I do dress nicely, I just don't have the time or occupation for a full on every day make up session.

I'm a very creative and eclectic person, I like craft fairs, car shows, antique stores, and looking for furniture to refinish.
I come from an "indoor family" lol we really weren't the type to do a lot of outdoor activities.
I have been introduced to the joy the outdoors to a point lol, a few years ago I had gone kayaking and fishing and really enjoyed that, so if you have any outdoor activities that you want to introduce me to I'm
I'm honestly not a athletic person, I probably won't join in on a touch football game, but I'm more than willing to tag along and cheer.
I have a variety of interests and I'm always interested in learning or trying something or going somewhere new.
If you ever want to do something new lets give it a try ...

A fair warning, I am not a romantic, I'm not looking for mushy gushy , clingy love, I guess I should say that I am not into the worldly romantic love.
I do not believe in sex before marriage, I will not cheat on my future husband, if you do not feel that you can respect this, than I do apologize but we might not work out.
I am looking for a partner and companion. I am looking for a best friend .
I am not really into flirting, and hanging all over each other, that doesn't get my attention.
If you are not interested in a serious relationship, if you are not interested in marriage, if you are not interested in being a 1 woman man than I'm sorry but I can tell you right here that I am not interested, I don't play games and I don't want to be played with !
I am a person and expect to be treated as such and I promise I will treat you the same way.

ABOUT my craft business that I am trying to establish , things have slowed down, mostly I make items and go to various craft shows with one of my best friends, I also make items that I sell at various chiropractor offices.
I am hoping to learn how to use power tools, so that I can branch out into making furniture!
if you have a trade or also go to shows and would like to share that with me GREAT !
I honestly would like to do crafting and events full time.

I'm planning on going back to school to get my real estate license, and I'm also looking for interior design courses, while I worked at Lowes I had some training in kitchen and bathroom design, and that confirmed my interest in this.

I work at a distribution center overnight shift mon-thurs (sometimes Sunday nights) so I do keep really weird hours.

I have a heart for orphans and would like to one day foster and adopt at least one beautiful child, I think every child deserves the love of a parent, I would love for my home to be known as a safe place for children, I would love to foster many children but we will see where the Lord leads.
I believe that having some one for that child to fall back on can keep that child from a dark path that many children in the system tend to turn towards.

I have tmj and get headaches regularly, so if that is a problem I am sorry.
I have been dealing with them and asking the Lord to give me wisdom and strength through my disability .
Through this, the Lord has blessed me with a compassionate heart, I try to take into consideration the fact that some people could be feeling badly and that's why they might lash out, ect.

I would prefer not to relocate, but if the right man comes along and I feel the Lord leading, then yes I would be willing to relocate after a lot of prayer, thought, and planning. It pretty much will be based on where to relocate.

Anyone who is around me enough will probably tell you
1. She's crazy
2. She loves her family
3. She loves the Lord - and is currently working on her relationship with Him (aren't we all?)
4. If you make her laugh hard enough she snorts
5. Don't worry if you think that you might be taking her someplace boring , she always has a book ready
6. If you feed her pizza or salad you're golden
7. Expect cards she loves to send them
8. She has her father's sense of humor ( heaven help you all)
9. Expect at least 1 Bible verse to be text to your phone a week if not more .
10. She love Charlie Brown , Cats and Teddy Bears (no clue why )
11. You will probably hear way too much about super heroes Because she is a tad Geeky that way
12. The picture of me with girl in wedding dress, the girl is my baby sister , she got married (met groom on here) in 2014 ,and they have 3 children Dria who is 6 and my best friend !and Donny who is 4 and the perfect laid back gentleman and Liam who was born in Sept 2020
13. my niece and nephews are my best buddies , you have to meet their standards to get anywhere with me 😉
14. She is compassionate, caring , and kind , she wants for everyone she meets to leave with a smile.
First Date
My ideal first date would be going to a church function with either my dates church or my church whether it be a service or a picnic it doesn't matter I would even enjoy painting someones house for a service project .
Or doing something with family his or mine .
I am hoping to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity , wanna join me?
Festivals or events ?
Maybe rodeo or car shows ?
I pretty much am up for anything!

I have net flix, so if you live a distance away that will probably be the best first date ;) lol cheesy I know, but it's hard to find things to do if we live far away.

Something that has no pressure added .
movies, dinner and talking, family game night, art show/museum, talking ...umm something new for either me or you , maybe adventurous something you or I have always wanted to try (we could take turns on our new adventures) , photography day,

I love cars so a car show would be awesome ..... I would love to learn how to work on cars, so something like that would be awesome :-)
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