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nature, swimming, water activities, camping, hiking, travel, music, cooking, learning new things
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NOTE: I do not respond to individuals with incomplete profiles, missing photos, one photo in profile, photos wearing a face diaper, or profiles with no details about themselves. I would expect one to take time to complete a profile that has some thought and time invested in it. Those that do not are not sincere in their efforts.

I would describe myself as a positive, tender, affectionate, honest, and caring person, with traditional values, and contemporary ideas, who is spontaneous at times, yet organized. I cherish intelligent conversations, but I also enjoy listening. I have many hobbies, but I'm always willing to try or learn something new. I find everyday life interesting enough, so I have no need to indulge myself in nightly TV shows. I'm not the materialistic type and money is not an issue with me. I am a very open-minded and understanding person who realizes we all have faults. I do not expect perfection in anyone, but instead, I appreciate differences and embrace uniqueness. To me, that is what makes life interesting and colorful. I am a very genuine person at heart, so I prefer to allow relationships, whether friends or romance, to happen naturally, without false pretenses. Hence, I’m not a sugar daddy and I don’t use money to buy “love.” I’m not the type who assumes, but rather, I rely on validation.

Loyalty is important to me as well as morals. I work hard, but separate business from pleasure. I have a great sense of humor and enjoy the simple things in life. While I do take very good care of myself, I am not a health fanatic. I don't drink diet cola or count carbohydrates and I like salt and butter on my popcorn. I may occasionally want to eat a greasy pork chop or, if the occasion permits, smoke a cigar the size of Cincinnati. I'm not woke and believe in free speech; it's the same right that allows you and I to practice our religion(s). Expletives and inappropriate language do not offend me. A real Christian should not be offended by words. Bad words are just words. I look at one's actions. After all, actions show sincerity. And, no, I do not believe there are 72 genders or that men can have babies. I'm also a pure blood (unvaccinated) and believe in science, but I put my trust in God, not the government.

I enjoy knowing positive, patient, independent, mature, and sincere individuals who enjoy the simple things in life. It's great if you have traditional values but are open to contemporary ideas. Even better if you are not afraid to get your fingernails dirty, wouldn't mind walking in the rain on a hot summer day, and still believe in romance. An honest, easy-going, optimistic, genuine, and natural gal is appreciated. I prefer to know people who can express their thoughts, ideas and opinions sometimes and not keep everything bottled up inside, hoping I might be able to read their mind. OPEN COMMUNIATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. Finally, it is my wish that you are not overly obsessed with physical appearance but do have a reasonable sense about your look and do not strive for materialism in person, place or thing. Beautiful smiles always brighten my day.
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Get to know each other at the local cafe. Or walk around a park and talk. Maybe have an ice cream
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