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Hello! looking forward to meet and fellowship with like minded people. I am Catholic in the truest meaning of the word: Universal, I have a deep understanding of the Messianic early beginnings of the Church (Acts 24:14) and consider myself a Orthodox Messianic Catholic. I often participate in the Latin Rite & The Byzantine Rite but hold to Messianic Biblical Orthodoxy.

I am seeking a traditional woman to become my wife. I have never been married & do not have any children. I prefer a woman who has never been married, never been divorced and do not have children and desires to be a stay at home mother & homeschool our children. I understand God works in mysterious ways & I am not opposed to the above if The LORD matches me with someone out of my preference. However, I also prefer a woman who does not subscribe to the cultural climate of today: Tattoos, Feminism, strange hair styles, homosexuality, Liberal Leftist Ideologies,etc.

Biblical authority of the household:
YaHWeH- The Father
Jesus Christ- The Son
Man- Husband Head of Household
Women- Wife teaches children
Children- Respect & obey parents
A wife should NOT have the mindset of "my kids are the most important " because a Husband & Wife are Echad (One Flesh) as a reflection of the relationship between Christ & The Church.

My goals in life are to Marry One Woman (Don't believe in Divorce) raise children that are fluent in Scripture, Biblical Hebraic Mosaic Apostolic understanding of Scripture & The Church History. Be active in our Church congregation as well as building strong community relations. Develop a self sustainable homestead & not be dependent on the current economic government entities.

I also desires a woman that understands that we live in a Constitutional Republic and will help me to raise our children being fluent in Constitutional awareness, Civil Rights etc. In this age, Americans are lost in entertainment and have forsaken their civic duties.

I am a US Army Veteran served overseas been to Germany, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Afghanistan & spoke the name of YaHWeH in Afghanistan.

I am a family man & I am close with my family and friends & I am waiting on The LORD to provide the Wife I've been praying for. I am not perfect but I strive to be set apart (Holy) by the grace of God.

If you do not believe that YESHUA HaMoshiach Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh, I will not entertain a relationship with someone who denies Jesus Christ is God. Same with Abortion Pro Choice

May YaHWeH bless you and Keep you may YaHWeH make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you May YaHWeH lift the light of His countenance upon you and bring you Shalom Peace in Jesus Christ Adonai Pantocrator mighty name Amen 🙏🏼
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