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I am Christian since birth, I have never doubted, I have always accepted. I'm also a combat veteran with the 4th Infantry Division - two tours there 1969, thru 1971. The only prejudices that I have in my life are against those who choose not to care about our brothers and sisters.

Biblical Scholar I am not, yet with all I have witnessed or experienced in my life, my heart belongs to the Lord, it always has, and forever it shall be.

I am a good, decent, clean, and capable man. I face the world without denial, excuses, or lies. My father taught me to be a man of my word, and life taught me to be careful where I give my word. Humanity exists in a very broad spectrum. There are people who do, and there are recipients. I do the necessary things..

I believe Our Lord Jesus Christ has been with me since birth, and I do not remember ever not feeling his presence. I've certainly been around the block and back in life.

So, I'm local to anyone who's local to me. I'm not full of myself though I've been around many a block. I'm pretty savvy - war to normal existence. I might even be interesting if you wished to know. I know that life is precious, each of us is precious, and we are not here to hurt anyone.

An update to what I'm doing while hiding way up the holler at the base of a very large mountain. I retired home finally to our maternal ancestral farm - to follow my dreams of Mother Earth News, organic gardening, survival, adventure, and sanctuary.

My gardening went flat line, I didn't know that copperheads viewed my raised beds as cheap hotels, pulled one up by the tail while kneading the soil for the next planting. Took those beds down!

I'd planted quite a few bush & tree fruit plants, and that has been my focus the last two years, invigorated this year, got maturing fruits coming - blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and mulberries. This year I added figs, kiwi, and two more mulberry trees. My "instant orchard" of 9 plants had some failures too, but have 3 different dwarf apple trees, plum, peach. I'm planning to replace a failed nectarine plant with another - but need to expand the fencing of my existing orchard fencing.

I'd mentioned I love treasure hunting. I metal detect both water and dirt, and sometimes find things which truly are delights. I'm young enough to be so appreciative of little delights. You just never know.

I'd kinda like to meet the love of my life. We've years left to prove it :)

Stay safe and stay true to yourself in all that you do.
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I am easy to get along with, not a pressurized individual. A first date should be somewhere public conducive to conversation. I will want to learn as much as possible about who you really are, as I am certain you would want to see past my eyes as well.
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