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Reading, audible, music, swimming in the ocean, serving, trying new food places, riding bike, weight training, watching movies, road trips. My area if inquisitiveness and interest can be vast.
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I appreciate a servants heart, someone who freely gives others grace and lives a life of gratitude - isn't afraid to show that they care about others. If you're handy, that's a plus.

I mesh well with people who have a high level of integrity and have some humility sprinkled in there. I think it's classy and I respect when someone lists their preferences without being rude about what they are not attracted to or interested in.

I'm open to friendships of any faith but I just want to be kind and up front and share that I only court with Christians. I believe there is someone out there for us all. Being of mixed decent, the space in which my faith lives, accepts other views that God has created in my path but my strength solidly sits with Christianity.

Things that I don't appreciate are a bad attitude, pessimism, narcissism, and someone who doesn't take care of their health. We all have our seasons but if this is your go-to...I don't think we'd make good company.

I really enjoy learning new things and have a mindset of continuous growth. I also like to work with my hands and learn things like carpentry, how to fix my car and things like dirt bike riding, just as much as I like dressing up and going to a nice restaurant or event. In terms of social constructs, I'm feminine but, having grown up with male relatives, I have a little of an edge.

I eat pretty clean, weight train and try not to put things into my body that aren't going to fuel it "naturally".

I have a heart for the ocean and conservation and although I feel like I'm in my 20s...being in nature makes me feel eternally youthful. It centers me.

I enjoy going to church and serving where I can but I believe that God is everywhere, so I serve where I feel I'm being called. I often find that God has me serving in the most unexpected places - speaking into a strangers life, buying someone a meal who needs it or wherever he leads. I feel like if you take the rails off with expectations and limitations God will bring you experiences you never could have envisioned - even in your walking in faith to give others.

First and foremost, I'm looking to start up a friendship and let God lead the way. I don't have any expectations so if you want to simply strike up a chat and say hello, feel free.

I'd enjoy someone to go out to the movies with, out to eat, concert, travel or I'm even comfortable being a sister in Christ and sharing our experiences and prayer over each other in this process.

God lead God Speed!

Note: I was actually having challenges loading a photo image, for whatever reason, but I've decided not to post my image anyway - at this point. I've found that when you close an app they will still keep your image up and that makes me feel uncomfortable. If we start chatting I have no problem sharing more about myself. There's def more to me than this profile.
First Date
Perhaps a nice boba spot or a unique activity. I appreciate creative and unique experiences. If you want to take a class or teach me something I'd be open to that as well. Santa Claus city marathon...?! Honestly, I'm open to new things. In fact, I welcome them.
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