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I am not 35 I am older but I have not yet found how to fix. But, Interested in being married, in love, in God everyday, Husband, house home base, stable peace and whatever in love can really do. And by God I mean Jesus, The Father God and The Holy Spirit. Concerning marriage like God says it should be like very Good and an Honor relief/Blessing if of God and then can do will to do whatever other things we should do together. And
( To that one person Jordan (that riverJ) (nations) ( down to earth guy, looking for/wanting the life partner) so do I . If you read this you can message text contact me on here 1st or at [email protected]. I already will be what you're talking about, that's not a hard to me. (Nor is the hiking, cooking,creating music,) So, yeah then so be it in J.N. God help us to have and give the right response when we need to. Redemption and Glory, deliverance, healing & Blessing. still believe in it and in God Is God in the right now for us, in us and if we let Him. And that we would let Him and that we may have the Grace oh Trust/ faith in God to have stamina, strength, right desire decisions & to be willing with obedience, right mind strength to do the any may be needed follow throughs including be quiet and or just speak the Word Only and believe it. There are some things I want that I need. And I ask pray say and for others also that they get what God has for them whatever the need may be and get past the any enemy. In JN, Amen. Basically, willing for what's fitting to/ for me all around rightness, attracted to Spiritually,mentally, physically, life wise, wants, God desires and purposes, personality etc.fitting. But, also hope it goes well for many.
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I like God, His Word, Person,Prescence, Power, His mind ways of thinking, His definition of Love, Wisdom, understanding, Accuracy, goodness, correction, discernment, mercy. There is a Right. I need Him, His help, All of Him, He knows this, that's what I like and some other things . If I don't always right way respond, take no offense. Though, yes I want of God my God given husband which is only One. I don't mind conversating sometimes if I can to others and it can be of some real good or ok good sometimes, not a big deal. But I, like anyone else, like certain things, minds, ways, ways of thinking,thoughts, heart likings, spirit, wants/desires attracted to :)
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