70 yr old [DOB wrong] lawyer in Phoenix metro area now widower/heavy into catholicism; daily commun

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A Marriage Partner
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St Elizabeth Seton
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Every week
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No way
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Yes but they're grown
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reading; movies via streaming; former recreational sailor; wife was dr. from wealthy family so I'm retired with everything paid for
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I'm the 4th of 10 kids in a fanatical catholic family--in my younger days I worked 14 hours/day6 days week; I prosecuted cases for the National Labor Relations Board and the federal government gave me enuf awards to wall paper with; my wife came from the upper class & her parents died & left her everything; also; I get a nice pension; we saved 70% and spent 30% for many years (my idea: I used to be very miserly; I've since chilled out;}

cheapskate when young; my dad taught me: if you can't pay cash, don't buy it; love the house I built and do not want to leave it: everything is very cheap here in Arizona compared to Michigan where I was born; the roof is full of solar panels; covered pool; yada yada; now I'm old so I'm not going to be cheap anymore; my friends describe me as a stand up comedian; I love music; love games; karaoke (although I sing bad);
First Date
whatever my date wanted to do; whatever she is into; meeting for coffee is probably a good start if we are geographically close; I used to be a supreme organizer; so I always like to have all the details worked out; (although looking at my family room right now sort of contradicts the trait of "organization". I will admit that I am starved for love but I have extremely strict discipline and do not violate God's laws. I don't care what you look like or what you do for a living; I am interested in honesty and love of God. I am ascetic but I love to have a good time which can be done even while staying on the straight and narrow; I am a born, diehard romantic and have a [restrained] addiction to romance. That's why I am on this site. If you are known by others as a "stick in the mud", I honestly don't think you'd like me; nor would you like me if you were a Pretend Christian (someone who carries a bible but acts like satan)
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