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www postcardministry com(GiftfromGod.postcardministry/facebook)God first!!! I am loving, patient, and kind, trying to live a peaceful life and serve my Father in Heaven for the rest of my life. Praying that I find the same in a woman. I�m looking for a woman (wife) that is willing to take on family and be that "Virtuous Woman" the bible speaks of. So if you like seeing what's up with a man before marriage (sex before marriage) I'm probably not the person you are looking for. It�s hard trying to look @ all these profiles, so if I send you a wink or an email, please be courteous and email me back and say �I�m not interested in your short self� or �I�m not trying to following those Christian ways and I�m sure not going to spend time with someone and not know what I have before marriage.� You don't have to say all that, just a( yes or no), thank you! I love everyone and I pray that you all find what you are looking for. I�ll try to help you out a little:Like line up with the Word of God and let Him send you a MAN OF GOD!!! Not just someone who is 20,000 feet tall or with 1,500 degrees, this is not righteousness. I didn't know I was going to be on here ministering but it�s in my blood. That's good (Minister John) but you still have not told the people that the most successful people in the world like your seft don't have degrees or never finish school like most people Boss's,Most Pastor A Men Of GOD,Most Business Men, Most Millionaires,Most Inventer.They (an't) readly for that yet ,they don't understand that yet it wasn't in there Books!!! But now we speak the Wisdom Of God in (Mystery) 1CORINTHIANS 2:7.
I was a businessman, but when I turned 40, God came in my life and in the name of Jesus Christ; I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I had to give up my business and did what Mark: 10-21 said. I love the Lord and will not lie for anyone, no matter how good you think you look. I helped a lot of people when it came to money and I have given away more money than some people have ever seen, but now, I'm not that man with that money you are looking for. So if you think this is equally yoked,Because i'm making $100,000 to $150,000 year because you are doing the same then, I'm out. So Minister (JOHN) what are you saying to the people.I'm saying my (WIFE) standard is not base on her money,degree or if she is not working or working at McDonald's.God Will Provide!!! OK,(MAN OF GOD) Cool, but what if she has( High Standards,) I don't consider any one has (high standards,) if they stoop so low to Defile them self with ''Fornication'' because some one has money in case you have a degree and don't know what this mean it's (sex before marriage) 1CORINTHIANS 3:17

I am no longer in the rat race if you are looking for someone who is truly equally yoked with GOD wish is RIGHTEOUSNESS with RIGHTEOUSNESS,I'm in..
I�m Just trying to help some of you all out while I am still on this site. I will not be on here for very long, that�s for sure!!! 1Timothy 6:17
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