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Soon to be a college student again
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I've just got back into Worshipping the Lord, I was away from him for awhile, since I was 15 until I was 30, I was primarily an Atheist. Then I had a serious accident and was in a coma for 14 months, I believe it was The Lord that woke me up (I went to a religious grade school, and I'm pretty smart, so I think The Lord had a purpose for me). Well at least I woke up, and for awhile I was bed-ridden and couldn't really move much. Then I started using a wheelchair, and then I started to learn how to walk with a cane. However I was still a little bit of an atheist, and then I moved out of the Nursing Home/Rehab center I was living at, and I moved into an assisted living home for other people with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), which I received in my days another kid who had a TBI move in. He had a Grandmother who would come to see him once a week, and she brought us both to a Non-Denominational Church ab which led me to have a bad accident(I'm very lucky to still be alive, Thank The Church was an hour away. I was lucky then, because I felt like I was at home. Lord) months, and then I believe. I found my way back into worshipping the Lord and helping to get others into it also. I eventually made enough recovery to move out on my own, so I did, and in the next town over from the Church (so I'm only 15 minutes away now). I do a lot of research on my own, so now I can officially say that I am a Flat Earth believer and that will not change. I am really hoping to meet some other Flat Earth believing Christians near me or ones who could travel to meet me since I can't really travel away from here 😩.
First Date
I'm not sure. Most likely a nice dinner at a great restaurant, and Burlington, Vt. Has many restaurants of different cultures we could choose from. Then (if she is interested) a movie followed by (possibly) a sit down at a coffee shop where we can talk more and learn more about each other.
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