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born again by the word of God
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going out for coffee , trying different foods,writing poetry,songs , sketching ,painting, exercising at gym, cooking , evangelizing about Christ
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im born again christian. i do not play church . we must serve GOD every day 7 days a week. its a way of life. im here on earth as a preacher of the full gospel of Jesus Christ. i sing i write gospel songs , i write poetry. i only listen to the anointed gospel music now . i do not listen to this worlds music . we have to renew our minds to follow Jesus to follow and live by his word. peter said to whom shall we go thou hast the words of eternal life . Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. praise the lord . he that is born again is a new creature in Christ. amen when i got born again i talked a new talk , i didnt talk the way i used to talk , i even danced a new dance , i didnt dance in bars any more but i danced before the lord , praise ye the lord , i didnt sing the blues or the rock and roll or the tear jerking country any more but i sang a new song unto the lord . when you get born again there has to be a change in your heart , in your mind , and in your life. even in the way you speak . pray for wisdom to speak the right things . I dont believe in prosperity gospels, or tv preachers , i had to search my king James bible to find the real christian way. theres only scornful people , ungodly people which could be Luke warm also and then theres real born again believers who live by every word of God rightly dividing the word of truth. i live to spread the word . if your a sports lover , then your not for me. why would born again believers go in sports stadiums and cheer and listen to the world curse and cheer and drink alcohol . let me tell you , sports is not the place for a born again christian. if you have to go to a gym for health purposes , thats understandable. if you play in park with your kids thats good . but when they start with competition and joining a league , then your getting too far in. when i was a child i did things as a child , but later we grow up. we need to spend time praying , studying our bibles , and spreading the good news. may god bless, my goal and mission in life is to win souls for the kingdom of God , and to pray for healing for the sick, and do all i can according to his word . i myself have been healed many times , To spread the good news repent for the kingdom of GOD is at hand,
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go for coffee , talk , see what we have in common. so now i haven't dated since 1998 . so dont be afraid im a normal person to talk to,. i can talk any subject under the sun.
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