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walking, gym, swimming, internet, music/piano, footcare, boardgames, hanging with friends, R&R
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I grew up in a Christian home but made a personal committment to the Lord in 1996. I don't believe in sex before marriage nor living together before marriage. However, that doesn't make me any better of a person. I believe in putting God first in everything...without Him, I would be a "ship without a sail"

Although my preference is to meet someone whose never been married, I also believe in giving 2nd chances to men who are in divorced situations simply because some things happen beyond a persons control and it wouldn't be fair on my part to keep a closed mind about it. Beforehand, however, I would first want to know some important details as to why it happened simply because while it's important to give some divorced people 2nd chances, you also need to guard your heart too, if necessary.

Integrity {putting God 1st}, Honesty, Respect & Trust are 4 very important qualities that I look for...bc when you possess these 4 particular qualities....all the other "qualities" will and should fall into its rightful place. Allow me to emphasize "Honesty" once again - this is VERY IMPORTANT. In my world, honesty isn't the best's the ONLY policy :) One of my major pet peeves is lying simply bc lies only lead to more lies which leads to the devils territory!! I like to put it as "Real eyes, realize REAL LIES" In saying all that...nobody's perfect...including your's truly lol - we all have some form of baggage...its just a matter of finding someone who will love and respect you enough to help you "unpack" :dancingp:

To hope you're goin to find "a perfect person" is a VERY unrealistic expectation. We all have our weaknesses as well as our strengths. Our ultimate goal should be to "strive for perfection" not to "obtain perfection" I admire a man who is humble and can be vulnerable sometimes and is not afraid to cry. Matthew 23:12 ~ "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled but he who humbles himself will be exalted"

Being good to people is what I love to do but all in good balance...I want to lay my head down at night @ the end of the day knowing that "I've done my best" I don't expect from others what I'm not willing to give in return. I love to laugh and have fun but not at other peoples expense. Life's too short to always be taking things seriously but once again - all in good balance! :)

A piece of truth and wisdom that I want to conclude with and that I've always lived by: True Love Waits! In the meantime, I will admit that life can gets mighty lonely sometimes BUT id rather wait for a man that's worth it .. than to wait for a man who'll never realize I'm worth it. Once again ~ True Love Waits! ;)
First Date
meet some place for coffee or dinner Or maybe a stroll somewhere....possibly along one of my favorite places - the beach:angel:
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