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Im a man who wants a woman that is first of all faithfull nad then every thing is possible and acceptable...Lord is Good...:yay:

Milan Miladinovich' Testimony of Salvation


My childhood was quite stormy, I knew often to swear and to do things that I am now ashamed of. My family has influenced me a lot in a negative sense; their Christianity was merely performing a ritual once or twice a year, so that I had no knowledge about religion. When I came in touch with the Bible, while I was still small, it looked to me like some kind of fairy-tale, and it was boring to me, because I have not been raised to reason in an intellectual way. My grandparents were like guardian angels to me and they were more tolerant of my mischievous behavior then my parents.

Because I was fat children were often ridiculing me, so I was both reluctant and angry at everyone around me. I loved to fantasize, and being quite poor my younger brother and I were able to play in a creative way. My understanding of God was mostly pagan, like, "There is something out there, there must be!" But I didn't care much about that "something."

Because of my voice and musical talent I tried to enroll the school of music, but unfortunately I could not succeed. God's plan was different, now I see. That failure led me, few years later, to join the choir of the Eastern "Orthodox" church. I had a desire for spirituality, and also desire to "join beautiful with practical". Singing in choir allowed me to travel around my country and visit some foreign countries too. Still I felt that something is wrong there, first of all, my godless behavior, and then the same kind of behavior on behalf of the people I've been having company, singing with, and sharing the room while traveling. I asked myself, why are people so mean to me and to others, why am I so mean? Suddenly I felt that God has soften my heart of stone, and I started to see that they are unrestrained, debauched, dishonest, etc., and I felt some bitterness because of their and my sin, and I said, Hey, these people go to church, they sing to God, they make the sign of the cross all day, how can they be such, why am I such?! Slowly God was opening my eyes and I so that this is not the true Church, that God does not want all this; unfortunately, my knowledge about Christianity was still minimal and limited to rituals and traditions. I was surprised that no priest wanted to explain things to me and to direct me, they were all too busy with their "business" made out of Christian religion.

I was confused and disappointed by that "Church" and by those people, so I lost desire to attend choir practices, and even more to listen to priests' chanting in the "temples"...

Meanwhile I wanted to do something about my musical carrier. I met one musician, a very good guitar player, who needed a singer for a song he wanted to record. I would go to his place and we would practice. During the breaks, we would talk about religion and God, and I was surprised that he knows so much about all that. I wonder whether he might be some kind of theologian, or even a member of some cult with desire to proselytize me. But that was in the beginning of our friendship. As were talking more and more, day by day, God's Holy Spirit and the living Word started to act on me. Then one day, after our practice, while we were talking, he told me about the Church of God and about the man called Obrad who gives lecture on Jesus Christ and salvation, on God's judgment and forgiveness. He suggested that we go and visit Obrad at his home.

So we went and we kindly received and hosted. When Obrad talked to me and witnessed about Christ, it sounded, in a way, so attractive to me. I was thrilled that he has so much to tell me and explain to me, but we did not have enough time for all, so we made an arrangement for me to come and attend his lecture in the Bible Cultural Center. Obrad asked me that first day to open my heart to the Lord and pray the sinner's prayer, but I did that more with my lips and then with my being.

My process of conversion seems long to me now, but it was simply God's will. There were doubts and Satan's "sifting", so to say, but I thank God for preserving me. I must say that the time of my conversion was prolonged also due to the fact that some members of the church has gone astray at that time, led by the evil spirit of heresy and rebellion, wanting to destroy the church of God, but the Lord did not let them achieve that; He gave Obrad and others strength to resist the attacks and false accusations. God has preserved me for His Church and gave me wisdom to see the evil intentions of these people and to continue to live according to His will.

And that's how the Lord has brought me out of Babylon. Have I continued under the indoctrination of false teachings and lies my heart would become even more hardened and alienated from God. But now with my new life in Christ I see how the grace of God has been leading me throughout my life so that I can live and work holy and righteously for my Him.

Amen, and thank you, Lord.


Milan Miladinovich
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I would take her for a walk then later we could go out to my favorite restaurant called KAFANA
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