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This is the part I hate, if I talk good about myself I look like I am self centered, if I don't talk myself up, I look like a bore.
If I Talk about Christ in my life, I kinda feel like I am using him to try to pick up a date..... if I don't mention him I seem like a semi-Christian.
I can't win :nahnah:

So let me just say God is my redeemer and my rock.


Nice guy with Lots of Humor, some of my strong points are:
I am very loyal, old-school in some ways and able to listen,
willing to learn. I am considerate and kind to others but I am also able to make my point of view known. Financially solvent and emotionally even-keel. I don't have any anger issues or say hateful things in conflict..... I do however tend to leave the cabinet door open after getting my cereal bowl.

My main desire is to find a special person to call my wife. I think the whole "soul mate: thing is way over played and can be a recipe for disappointment., neither my parents nor Grand parents looked for soul-mates and they all found wonderful matches and had life-long marriages. :applause: (Even in the conflict)
I guess everyone wants to know there is someone that will love them , defend them , care for them, stick by them,... be a loyal friend and spouse . That is the type of person I strive to be and I think those who know me would describe me this way.

About my faith,
I started off with a Catholic upbringing and after reading the Bible I came to the knowledge of salvation at 18.

I currently go to a Baptist church and have been on several missions trips.
Don't let my humor discount my seriousness about matters of faith.

Okay my down side......
ahhh let's talk about that later. :laugh:

Well that's all for now.

Oh wait a minute. wait a minute... Q: What specifically am I looking for here?

Since I am on the short side (I prefer to call it "down to earth") I usually go for a smaller framed person, I like a relaxed personality who is more the Team-player type.
Age is not so important as -personality match- though sometimes if the essentials match, opposites can really do well.

I like people, who might enjoy the outdoors a little, I sometimes enjoy camping or having a garden and travel.
I hope she possess a traditional Christian outlook on life.
Shares my value of trying to be decent and treat others with decency. Having a little patience with me might come in handy, (I'm only a man.):laugh:

My photos make me appear a little more out-back woodsy than I really am, actually I live in a 2 story brick house in a way too quiet neighborhood. (Though I would like to go a little more rural)

*I truly wish everyone success in finding the person who meets the desires of their heart and enriches their relationship with God.

** I'm not too keen on texting relationships, they never seem to go anywhere, maybe I don't know how to trade sentences the right way.

*** Pictures are essential on a dating site, if you are reluctant to put them in public ok, but you really should "offer" to send them after one or two emails.
First Date
Let's see, first date.... I am not going to say "coffee-shop" everyone says that,
I can be a bit more creative,
how about a Museum or, or.... ummmm

ok, ok a Coffee shop. Heck I love black coffee anyway.

Wow, see how easy I am?
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