Kinda done with SHALLOW "Worldly Men" who claim to be "Christians" Ha ha ha

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Dear "Christian" Men,
I am kind of done with "Christian" men who judge girls based on photos and their looks alone. You are JUST AS SHALLOW AS THE WORLD. Last time I checked "Christians" are supposed to be set apart from the world. I cannot believe how man countless profiles state, "Unless you are fit or workout" basically "don't bother messaging me." Good luck all you "Christian" men who are actually looking for "Worldly" values and not "Christian, Biblical" values. Too many men in the church are worldly, and I am so sick of it. What matters most is a woman's relationship with Christ and whether or not she is following Him and His Will for her life. Good luck all you superficial men who would rather have a trophy wife than a good, respectful, dedicated wife who would be an amazing mom too. I feel like sometimes God brings an amazing person your way and because of the world view on "Looks" you turn your nose up. There are so many amazing Christian, single women at the church struggling with singleness because dog "Christian" men won't date us, they are worldly, and are "fake" Christians. It is so wrong and it will be something you have to answer for later. I believe we all have to answer to God for everything that we do in this life. I feel really bad for women who turn to ungodly men because they are lonely and want a good Christian guy but they don't actually exist anywhere because like the rest of the world, they are worldly and would rather have a model or be single. It is such a sad world we live in. Forget reading my profile (I deleted it), because looks are all the matter to you. So I took all my photos down. Good luck all you "Worldly men" out there looking for a good time only. SHAME on you!!!! This is something the church really needs to address. Last time I checked Christians were supposed to be "set apart" from the world, not in it. Longing for ONLY looks is worldly and it makes the rest of us women feel like dirt every single day. Your sisters, whom you're supposed to love and respect, you are making us feel like dirt! Thanks a lot!

Oh and the amount of guys on here that think sex before marriage is "ok" is appalling. Some of you need to go back and read your bible.
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