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***Updated Summer 2016***

I am a single mom, work and own my own home. God is very important to me, and while I don't consider myself 'religious', I do include Him in every aspect of my life. I love to read to my daughter, play in the garden and cook new things. I have an old house and am hoping to fix it up now that my life is settling down. I've been divorced for several years now and have dated but not found 'the one'. I like to write and would love to do more 'outside' stuff like hiking, camping, fishing. Nothing too extreme, just to be out there enjoying it all. I don't mind a good movie, but I'm not so good at pop culture trivia... I guess I just don't pay too much attention to that. I like being involved in my community but haven't had a lot of options for that in the past few years. I have four small dogs (ugh) that is a story in itself, but I don't have space to tell it here.

It (written for the POF site) asked me to describe myself in one word but then I didn't really like any of the words the program offered. I think I'd have to say 'sweet'. I just am. I can use a bunch more words too, but that's probably the most central one. Did you like the words they offered? Or do you also have a different one word description?

I hope to remarry someday, but that doesn't mean I intend to discuss marriage on the first date or even the tenth. But, after a few months, I'd like to have a feel for if a person is a good potential husband for me or not. And if not, then I don't see the need to keep dating. I hope this helps make sense of my choosing the marriage option. It is my goal, but I'm not in a giant rush.

I am attracted to hard work, sensitivity to God, honesty and a fun loving personality. But ultimately, I would 'fall in love' with the unique parts of the one I'm with. I guess the most important thing to understand is that love is a choice, a commitment and an action word. It isn't 'felt' so much as it's 'lived' one day at a time, even when (or maybe especially when?) it's not particularly felt.

***Here is my previous profile... from maybe 2013 or so****

I'm enjoying the process of rediscovering who I am. I'm excited it's spring! And looking forward to spending more time outdoors after a long drizzly winter. My goals for the next few months are to work in the garden, go hiking, take my girls out hiking and fishing, and maybe a little DIY on my 1920 farm house.

I have two little girls, a full time job, a house and two doxens. The doxens are 'my boys' Samson and Winston. Life is full and I am very blessed. Now it is time to add that one piece that's missing back into the mix. I enjoy family life, cooking, gardening and taking children on adventures. A quiet evening at home is wonderful, but adventure is so intriguing, too... I love , and I know it's good medicine. I'm in need of more laughter, more smiling, more endorphins.

Life is a gift. Like any other gift, it is far more enjoyable when given and shared.
First Date
***Updated Summer 2016***

Hmmmmm, well I think it's more fun to plan that say tenth date... you know, the one where you're really thinking this could go somewhere. Once you're past just twitterpated and into, the this-seems-real stage. Then the date would be more personal, like one where it involves sharing something a little deeper about myself/yourself, maybe taking the other person to a place that is meaningful to me, a place I wouldn't go to or share on a first date. Ya know?

As for the official first date, it would be something simple, open, easy, relaxed and genuine. In a public place with an easy out for either of us if needed but also the option to keep talking if we choose to.

I'm sure I'll come back and edit some of this stuff at some point, but this is a good start.

***Here is my previous profile... from maybe 2013 or so****

Hmmm.... gokarts? What about some tiny local fair out in the country somewhere? An old car show? I love old cars. I love trucks. Old trucks? That's perfect! I haven't been fishing in ages... By the time we get to a first date, we likely have talked a bit, so I'm sure there will be something interesting we can agree on. I want to have one of those moments when you're so hard, then you suddenly stop and realize that you're remembering what happy really feels like.
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