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Hello! To begin with, "Spirituality" is a very personal thing, which I respect. Although I do not attend a church, I definitely have a spiritual side to me, along with a Moral Compass which does point True North.

I am trying to create a new career path as a writer & speaker for myself. Currently I am trying to finish up the manuscript for my first book which I had a self-imposed release deadline of Nov 15/2012, unfortunately I missed the deadline. For those who are interest, I am writing a book on looking for a relationship, and I AM NOT HERE to promote/ sell it (that's what's Amazon's websites are for).

As for me personally, I am on a quest. I am looking for a woman that I can see "eye-to-eye" with, figuratively and literally speaking.
"Literally", the physical trait of height I find very appealing in a women (5'9" plus, a range of 5'9" to 6'2"), along with being in a weight range that maintains & promotes good physical health (which I strive to do, the topic of weight is a touchy issue for both women & men).
Knowing that opposites don't attract, "Figuratively" I'm looking for someone who values the same things that I do, along with having a Moral Compass. If I came across a woman who was only 5'5" and had a heart of gold, I'd be dropping my height requirement quickly, I'm not shallow.

With respect to age, I'm a man who actually wants to date within his age range (preference is 48-58, extended to 43-60). For those who are separated (be it legally or not), you are "LEGALLY MARRIED", and I'm not interested (and the same holds true for anyone who is in a Common-Law Relationship).

The best way at the moment that I can put this is that I'm interested in a Long Term "Exclusive" Relationship, which means that "marriage is an option" for me, living common-law is not.

*** NOTES ***

Update Note: October 25, 2016 -- Recently, I have been getting repeat visits from a number of women who are viewing my profile.

In a few cases, I have been returning the view because I "genuinely" am kind of interested (especially if you have looked at my profile 3 or more times and I've looked at yours 3 or more times). And, I HAVE given serious thought to sending a message to start a conversation. Unfortunately, the account setting that these women have in place don't make that possible.

I respect those people who have put in restrictions/requirements to be contacted (such as age range, non-smoking, non-drinking, location). With that being said, I want to offer some "friendly advice." If you have been looking at a particular profile 3 times or more, and that person has been looking at your profile in response to your viewing and YOU are hoping/waiting for a message from them, please consider:

1) Temporarily removing any contract restrictions from your account to allow them to send a message (you can always reinstate any restrictions/requirements to be contacted).

2) Just send a message yourself already. Playing hard to get, or waiting until the man approaches you is unfortunately not helping to start a conversation, especially if you have put up a wall making it impossible. Remember, no one likes dealing with rejection.

So, if you are reading this note, and you are genuinely open to try and start a conversation, please read Note No.: 1 Below.

Note No.: 1
It is my intent to reply to ALL messages sent to me (if someone has taken the time to send a message, I feel that it deserves to be acknowledged, read, and replied to).

HOWEVER, many individuals have put requirements/restrictions in their ACCOUNT SETTINGS (such as age, non-drinker, etc) which MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE to send a reply (or message) because I don't meet your requirements even though YOU DECIDED TO SEND THE MESSAGE after looking at my profile.

So, to anyone who has sent me a message and not received a reply, I regret to inform you that YOUR Account Settings made it impossible for me to reply to you. Sorry!

Just a friendly suggestion for everyone else, before you decided to send a Message or a Wink, just make sure that the receiver CAN ACTUALLY REPLY to YOU. It will make it so much easier for everyone concerned.
First Date
If mutually agreeable, dinner at a relaxing restaurant (and YES, I will pick up the tab).
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