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Hello, Dear Sister! I hope my profile encourages you! I know I am thankful to God and encouraged that He has so many incredible Daughters in this vast world who love Him and live FOR Him! And that's precisely what I'm looking for! I've been told I have a kind heart, and that was before I met Jesus, so things have only progressed. I value open and honest communication and have no problem expressing myself, and I recognize trust and loyalty are also critically important to a healthy relationship.

The desire God has put on my heart as I've delighted in Him is for a wife who will love God more than me and be comfortable with me loving God more than her; whom with we will personify the love of Christ to one another, and together to others; someone who can truly be a helpmate and an encourager who appreciates me and spurs me on to be the best man I can be for the glory of God, as I love and motivate her to shine most brilliantly for Christ. Although she could possibly be somewhat shy, she'll also be someone who is vibrant and vivacious with a zest for life (and maybe a little quirky too)! By the grace of God she'll be the kind of woman who, empowered by Him, won't be afraid to partner with me as I speak to many and preach the gospel (picture Victoria and Joel Olsteen... minus all the false teaching and prosperity gospel stuff, lol). Seriously though, I really appreciate Lisa and Francis Chan and how God has grown Lisa to teach women more and more. My prayer is that my wife and I will be submitted to God as they are, and be used by God to grow His Kingdom and strengthen His Church.

The reason I'm 38 and never married starts with me walking away from the little faith I had at 20 shortly after joining the army, and sadly not truly being 'Born again' (John 3:3) until I was 30 (this also means my wife will have to truly grasp the Gospel, be understanding like the mountains are high, and forgving like the oceans are deep, so that she may be gracious with me, understanding I have repented of the old life - that's what all Christians are like, right?). Knowing I'd been saved to share with others who God is and that there was no greater purpose, I gave my life to Him and learned quickly that I was to begin an online ministry from which I could train up disciples and start house-churches that could easily replicate. This meant sacrificing the pursuit of a godly wife and companion - as beautiful relationships take huge investments of time - and dating no one, so that I could put all my focus into preparing that ministry (and I think it's close enough to completion now that I can find a 'helper suitable' - Gen2:18;

This also means the woman I'm praying for will be someone who has a heart for us hosting disciples in our home, as well as for the lost who are perishing, and as Christ has stated, has forsaken her life for Him and is open and willing to local, regional, and perhaps even international missions as God grows this ministry and opens doors (Matt28:16-20).

I'd like a wife who appreciates the finer things in life, and I find trendy, fashionable women alluring, BUT one who is not a 'slave' to such things and holds them loosely, 'not worrying what she shall wear' (Mat6:25-34), willing to let it all go as Christ calls (because her treasures are stored up in Heaven anyway - Matt6:19-20), setting aside the 'glamour' to enjoy God's creation in the wilderness, or due to the culture or context or region in which we are taking the Gospel. Myself, I'm as comfortable in hiking boots as I am in dress shoes; on a horse as on a quad; in a room full of people as on the sofa with a good book or movie; in a hut as in a presidential suite. This probably has a lot to do with five years in the infantry. It would be nice to find someone who's as eclectic.

I personally garner some enjoyment out of cooking, enjoy trying new dishes and by God's grace succeeding in making something delicious, and love meals and fellowship with friends. Eating out is also nice as it gives people a break, but most nights for simplicity sake I don't mind following meal-prep plans - I try to eat healthy mostly, albeit while still tasting good, but I confess pizza and ice cream are my favorite foods (best reserved as ocassional treats rather than daily staples, haha). I believe a certain level of health and fitness is a godly pursuit as long as it doesn't become vanity, and I imagine my wife will feel the same (why limit our usefulness to the Gospel by letting ourselves go if God has blessed us with bodies free of ailment during this temporal existence?)

My friends say I'm hilarious (maybe some of that is coming through?) and my sense of humor ranges from dry wit to outright goofiness, but it depends on the audience... I look forward to blessing you with laughter ranging from chuckles to deep belly-laughs, up to the uncontrollable leading to tears... We'll see what happens (note: I try to keep Christ in mind so that my joking or teasing always remains sensitive and is never unloving). I should add, I do predominantly spend my free time with godly people whom with we can spur one another on, but I have no problem spending time with lost friends as well (I just don't find it as nourishing spiritually for obvious reasons).

For fun I like riding my motorcycle or snowboarding or hiking as well as many other activities, but MOSTLY what I love is sharing the love of Christ with others through selfless service accompanied by the Gospel and Spirit-empowered Words from the Holy Bible. This truly is the ABUNDANT LIFE Christ promised He brought (John10:10, 15:11).

Although I appreciate secular movies (primarily 'smart' action-dramas) and my favorite films for a long time were Predator, Aliens, American Beauty, and Proof of Life, really what I LOVE are faith-based films like Courageous, Facing the Giants, Do you Believe, and Faith Like Potatoes... it's the same with music. For years I listened to Coldplay, Radiohead, the Smashing Pumpkins, The Cardigans... before listening to more and more electronic and moving to MGMT, MSTRKRFT, Justice, Groove Armada, Daft Punk, and many others... But now what I really love is For King & Country, Citizens & Saints, Francesca Battistelli, and other such artists. Why the change? Because God has changed me in my very spirit. Those other things, they so much appeal to and feed the flesh, but the Spirit within me is only satiated by that which brings me closer to Christ to gaze at Him alone. Marvel superhero movies are fun too, but there's still an emptiness afterward because they point people to imaginary heroes when the greatest hero conceivable is Jesus. I try to limit my exposure to worldly entertainment and stimulation and am looking for a wife who wants to become more and more separate from the world as we grow together (after all, in both the Old and New Testaments, God says, "Be Holy, for I am Holy) - "in the world, but not of the world" John17:14-16; 1John2:15.

On that note, I REALLY enjoy dancing... but I've put it on hold since coming to Christ in 2011 because I know that electronic music is composed to make men and women desire only one thing... and that's something reserved wholly for a covenantal relationship in marriage under God... so I am also hoping for a wife that appreciates this break, but will enjoy partaking in it with me when it's sanctified... because dancing which felt 'good' but wasn't, CAN be in those wonderful confines.

Speaking of which, Dear Sister, if I am courting you, you will be honoured. I am saddened that there are people who profess Christ but think "test-drives" are permissible in Christ - yes, I'm referring to sexual activity. It's not permissible. But well before that, why are we so prone to ask "How far can we go?" when our desire should be abstinence to focus on whether or not the other person is a godly match for us without confusing them with all the emotions that are stirred up from various sorts of passionate exchanges? If the greatest form of showing one's love for another is SACRIFICE, then Elisabeth Elliot who wrote ' Passion and Purity' was right when she said we show our love for God and the other person we're in a courtship with when we sacrifice and postpone those things which 'feel' good.

Dear Sister, you are WORTH waiting for in every sense, both in body, but also in mind, and by the grace of God, that is precisely how we will advance, and we'll both be better off and more thankful for it, praise God, and our relationship will be healthier because of it (1Tim5:1-2). Honestly, I now know why they say 'You may now kiss the bride..." because I've kissed women before I came to Christ and it felt so powerful that I thought 'This is who I should be with forever...' So why not wait for that and trust God that it will come? The world and it's songs like Betty Everett's "Shoop Shoop Song" are hardly the standard for what is best practice for the follower of Christ. 'Sexual compatibility' can be determined by simply being willing to give up one's desires for the sake of the other, maybe a vague, non-graphic conversation much later in the relationship to arrive at mutual understandings without stoking imaginations, but certainly not delving into anything. Don't worry, it will be worth it :)

If you're not sure about your worth or value, please search YouTube for a video I recently made for ministry-outreach purposes called 'How Much Am I Worth?' It is the truth all women need to take deep into their hearts and minds. Regarding your value, my sisters in Christ... I don't say this in condemnation but in a spirit of gentleness and kindness... the godly man you are here seeking, whom you say you are praying for, he doesn't want to see pictures of you that reveal anything and are suggestive in the slightest (not before marriage anyway). He doesn't want you objectifying yourself as the wannabe Instagram models do, because he is your Brother in Christ and wants the best for you while your full dignity is upheld. He's most enticed by a smile that conveys gentleness and peace, and eyes that say with their quiet joy that you know the Lord intimately (1Tim2:9-10;1Pet3:3-4). Trust me.. the godly man God is preparing for you does not want 'eros' love for you stirred up within himself; he already HAS 'agape' and 'phileo' love for you, and he wants to maintain that by keeping you pure within his mind, not lusting after you. Help him in this, and you will both be better off for it. Not doing this will likely attract the same sorts of guys you came here to flee from. Along with this, if you don't have a picture, that's fine as I understand some of you don't want others around you to see you on here for one reason or another. But privately it's only natural to send one quickly after meeting - I for one have been 'catfished' twice in my early adulthood and that is a painful waste of time, so with today's incredible technological advances I'm looking forward to 'virtual coffees' via facetime or webcams within the first few exchanged messages if we see any potential. There's also nothing spiritually wrong with wanting to be 'attracted' physically to your spiritual and physical partner for life whom you will become one flesh with (as long as that's not your primary focus), and in spite of the warning that charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting (Prov31:30) the Scriptures do note that godly people were taken aback by the physical attractiveness of one another which in part led to their marriages (even David with a 'heart after God' is described as 'handsome').

I'm also a "hopeFUL romantic" rather than a hopeLESS one because my hope is in Christ and He is Sovereign over all. Chivalry is definitely not dead in my books, and I hope to find a woman that greatly appreciates being esteemed whilst being humble enough not to demand it. It'd be nice to meet someone who also notices the subtle beauty in the world around us. I also think 'soul mates' are real, just not in the Greek mythological sense of a soul divided into two people to be reunited later. No, God who is awesome and sovereign and infinitely purposeful can surely bring together two of His children in a way that unites them as the deepest of friends (1Sam18:1), falling for one another (Gen29:9-11), for His great purposes (Judg14:1-2), in our case, to partner in a life that IS ministry to the glory of God. I've decided to use online dating because my city of 70,000 only has a couple thousand church-attendees in it, and it seems only a small percentage of them truly love God and His Word, and that means even fewer single, compatible women... so the few I've thought were compatible in a spiritual sense didn't stir me, and the few that stirred me weren't attractive spiritually, or wouldn't be aligned with me. I take the Bible very seriously, and it shapes all of my beliefs. I'm looking to find someone who, through discussion, we discover thinks the same (I personally LOVE deep discussions, especially philosophical and theological ones, and am looking for that in a wife). Obviously we need to agree on the fundamentals of the faith, but there's 'secondary issues' I think are nearly as important, and I understand a healthy marriage requires as much common ground as possible when beginning. I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ (Matt4:19-20, Luke9:23) and want to partner with another disciple. (On that note, I do not pray or speak in tongues so I'm looking for a woman who also does not because I would not want to be a 'third-wheel' between my wife and the Holy Spirit as we pray together).

I believe that I will be a great father to our children, both fun and funny, but also in terms of wisdom in upbringing as well as in discipling, and I'm looking for a wife that will make a great partner in this and will have similar parenting ideas. I also have no problem with you having your own children already and would adopt them as my own if that was the best case, but please understand I still want to have at least two of our own children (maybe more?? :D). All of them will be raised up to know, fear, and LOVE the Lord and share Him with their friends - yeah, we'll have the most warm and welcoming place for others to enjoy!

I have wonderful parents and a sister I love (one desire is that my wife would be such an encourager to her and love her like her own sister... she's not saved yet so please pray) along with her fiance and two children, and awesome extended family around the province... But I'm also willing to relocate so that you can be closer to your family (Gen2:24, Luk14:25-27). Do understand though that at this present time I DO believe God is opening the doors for my ministry to begin here where I already am (but we'll definitely pray about what to do and see as He can open doors for such a ministry anywhere). And if you really like what you've read but think you aren't 'spiritual' enough, well, I'm far from perfect, the important thing is we're both desiring to grow while headed in the same direction -> God and His will (Matt7:21).

I know I've said a lot (I figure you probably enjoy novellas, lol), but this way YOU will have a much better idea as to whether or not you want to investigate the notion of 'US' :)

May you be blessed in your search my sisters, and if I don't reply to a message or wink or smile or Like, please understand I'm probably already talking with someone, and I don't think it's fair or kind or loving or Christ-like to be talking with a bunch of women all at once, eliminating them like another pathetic season of 'The Bachelor' (it's actually an awful practice because you are all people God has made and given feelings to). Do know though that in any case I pray for each person who reaches out to me.
First Date
I want to get to know you, see if we have fun and if there is chemistry, find out who Jesus is to you, and what His church is to you, all while listening to see if The Holy Spirit gives me any direction. I think a 'no-pressure' date where we get together for coffee and conversation is the best idea. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds to see if there's a spark, but I think our sovereign God can lead us to someone and someone to us where you know in a single date... I'm good for grabbing a coffee or something to find out if we jive, or going for a great meal somewhere if you want to take a whole afternoon or evening. The BEST dates (which can come later) are the ones where you show each other things that you love about where you live while enjoying each other's company... So awesome!
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