An atypical prodigal son focused on our Lord Yeshua.

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Calvary Chapel of Nederland
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2 Yr College Degree
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Resident Manager, Contracter
Eschatology, Jesus, Energy/Power, Weightlifting (powerlifting for strength training not bodybuilding,) hiking, climbing
About Me
I have always been more of an introvert than an extrovert, but time has given me the chance to acquire extroverted traits in order to meet the social 'norm.'
I am the definition of a prodigal son. My conversion was so immediate that metanoia barely describes the transformation that occurred.
The Lord Yeshua is my first love, without Him and the Holy Spirit I would not be alive. He has always been there protecting me from myself and the world as it sought to destroy me.
My greatest passion as of a few months ago is strength training. It has brought me out of a state of complacency and renewed my spirit. I praise God for the opportunity to better myself and in turn use it to further His kingdom.
I am a trained Gunsmith (2 year degree + 9 months on the job) and an energy aficionado (2 year degree + internships.) Fortunately, Mammon is not the god I serve. The Lord has blessed me with a job that involves people and a free place to live. I may not make much, but I am fulfilled in the Lord alone.
I love learning, especially hands on. I work on my car, my guns, my computer, and anything else that breaks (including my Mom's washer.) However, I also clean regularly, and can cook a mean meal (I was a lead saute chef for a time) Basically, I am a guy's guy with a bit more brains than brawn that can cook and clean.
In other words, I am a talkative, perceptive, eloquent, sensitive, do-it-yourself, intelligent, tasteful, God-fearing, shy, yet bold, fun-loving, hilarious (if you get my dry/ cheesy humor,) sometimes spontaneous, and quirky man with a pension for being awesome! No that's not pride, but a carefully constructed diatribe about myself with what I can explain in words.
If you want to know more, ask. I am open because I have nothing to hide anymore.
Now that you're bored from all the text; why don't you watch some Psych and laugh a little?
First Date
The first date is all about 'testing the waters' for me. It doesn't matter what we do as long as everything is out in the open and we are enjoying ourselves.
Honestly, food is always great because I'm always hungry. However, I'd rather do something outdoors, people tend to be more relaxed, and willing to be real and open up without the pressure of society.
I suppose for me it would be going on a hike, or going climbing, maybe a bike ride, even a casual walk.
Lastly though I would have to state my intentions. Given my nature, I cannot 'lead' someone on. I would never do that to anyone considering I have been there myself.
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