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Ill begin with saying that my past was not a bed of roses. I was born in kansas city mo yet grew up here in austin tx. During and after graduating from high school life for me took sort of a wrong turn. So i have been through some struggling times up until 2005 when i decided to change up from certain things (long story short). I began doing seasonal data entry and call center jobs thru staffing agencies. That was until i graduated from the southern careers institute with a certification in administrative assisting. i continued with the staffing agency thing up until now for a resume. currently i attend community college for medical billing and coding. my goal is to graduate with a 2 year degree. Other than that i am easy going and down to earth. i grew up attending a baptist church. personally i feel that would be the best choice regarding my spiritual side. i would also consider non denominational depending on the church. I have been baptized along with experienced in sharing my belief. I would not say that im complete in my walk because i have long to go. I also struggle with temptation and sin yet have managed to over come a few sins. Now im in a new space in life hoping for better days. I dont drink or smoke. i prefer going to the gym and getting into shape. At least i wake up feeling good that way:) I know from experience and that tends to be the best teacher. I just want a woman that i can relate to. One that i can trust and grow spiritually with. I hope for her to have a positive attitude because im not into the whole drama and egotistical thing. Im not here for a one night stand or mind games. I am on this site hoping for a long lasting relationship worry free. I desire one woman for building a life long relationship with. Only one that i can make love with and walk this spiritual journey in peace after giving those sacred wedding vows. I need a woman that will give me more to live for and motivation to become a better person. One that will be in my corner through the storms of life. A lady who can see more good than bad in me as well as appreciate the time that i give of myself. One that will understand that we only have one life to live and true love does not come around as often as we would like. Some people grow old with out that feeling because they did not see what a potential marriage partner had to offer. I dont want to be one of those people. If you are looking for a man that will always be by your side then you found the right one. As long as you are the right one for me. Well the rest we could probably chat about later or you get the picture... Before i ask you to be my woman
P.S if you remind me of one of my aunts then we can just keep the conversation friendly :)
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I am easy going and a non-alcoholic. I don't need that to feel at ease with myself. If you are a woman needing to always be in some club or party scene around drinkers then maybe it won't work out with me. I need a woman to accompany and support my spiritual growth. Not the other way around. Other than that any way we can both get to know each other i suppose.
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