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walking, reading, dogs, and many other things.
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here comes section we all dread...
told I'm easy going, don't sweat the small stuff, some smarts, funny, sweet, to good of a heart, friendly, but I'm sure we all like to think the best about ourselves so here's what I know. I know I must drive to fast because of the number of times I attended traffic school, if ever there is a shortage of driving school instuctors I could teach the darn class myself. I know I have a deep seeded need to save silly paper info like the 6 year old Walmart receipt I recently found in my glove box, why I asked even myself, I don't know <shrug> I know I love cotton pj's that feel like skin but Walmart is not the place to show them off. I know I have the woman shoe sickness but usually I have it under control, ok so once, twice yearly I may go just a little to far and end up with 5-6 pair of new shoes, but with the right shoes a girl can...ok ok it just creeped out there. I know pay days seem to cure that hankering of wishing for 15 more minutes to just drink my coffee in peace before running out the door for work. I know most men like a Harley while nice hunk of metal with AC between me and roads are grand. I know the guy hanging off the back of the trash truck is one of the most unpaid and deserves huge Christmas bonus. I know I can be a bit of a tomboy, at times...ok so with makeup and the right shoes. I know men and women do think so differently but with age gap does seem to get smaller, both are just humans who want to be heard, understood, accepted, care and cared for, love and be loved. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve but at least I know where it is, ok so I usually know where it is located.
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don't really have one in mind very optional lol
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I suggest no more than 2 hours, why you may ask? for a few reasons: ...
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there needs to be a events page or at the very least a chat forum page for events...
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