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Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Photography, Hotsprings, Mountains, rocks and minerals
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For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?
I changed that I'm just looking for a Friend.
I hope it'd grow in to more but if you can't start out as Friends then you won't be good life long partners, on top of it 2020-2021 have been pretty hard me I've been thinking of buying an RV and becoming a Nomad... Yes I was raised Mormon, but now just consider myself a Follower of Christ. Most religions having you earn your way to Heaven while Christ said it is finished. Christ is the only way, and you do not have to earn your way to heaven


Ron Paul
Rand Paul
Natural Remedies
Jesus Christ
Essential oils
Hot springs
Life less ordinary

About Nathan
I feel like I am on a totally different planet compared to most people, on my way of thinking, I believe do to the fact that I am Libertarian, was Home schooled and raised on a 400 acre alfalfa, corn and wheat and cattle farm.
A INFJ Personality type which is about 1% of the men on this planet...
It feels like 99.9% of the people I talk to are all the same even if they are slightly different on their way of thinking,
What happened to Morals, values? What happened to everyone being totally Uniquely and different? having an imagination? wanting to break away from the whole norm? get away from the rat race, enjoy life even if it doesn't mean being filthy rich, or having job security,
when really a having garden and trying to be happy and healthy and Faith in God is the only security you really can have.
I think I was born in the wrong generation, I find myself identifying more with Older people then I do with most people my age or younger.
I am tired of Superficial people It really seams like that is about how most people are these days,
I don't care about any sports team unless maybe a friend that I support is involved, it seams like Sports and Hollywood have become our Modern day Idols and worship centers even though most people don't realize it.
TV is Nice to numb the brain but really don't care about it at all,
I'd rather have the night sky be my TV...
I am a Christian, Libertarian and a Entrepreneur.
I am Jack of all trades. I can cook, work on cars, computer repairs, fix broken electronics, plumbing and electrical and many other things I've learned how to do having an open mind.
Since I grew up and we never had a lot of money to buy new things that often so we fixed things not throw them away, though it did lead to having junk piles on our 500 acres and what not but still... my point is I learned a lot of skills you don't learn going to 50 years schooling..

I am pretty sure I am unlike anyone you have ever met, all though I do not let a lot of people get close to me I have a hard time trusting anyone anymore after being used and hurt to much, and I being an extremely nice guy and easy going I've had people take advantage of me lie to me use me and betray me.
I like Natural God Given herbal remedies over the whole medical mess we have going on these days that is more about money then curing anyone.
I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A 1 NIGHT. I want something deep connection and meaningful.
Money is a means to an end, Success it meaningless unless its at helping others. the best things in life are free and didn't cost a penny, good friends are hard to find and in short supply these days.

If you want to try to get to know me feel free to send me a message...
I've never smoked, done drugs, or been drunk even though I've had a drink everyone once in a while...
What I�m doing with my life
Trying to Work outside of all the trash going on in the world and the rat race, trying to stay motivated when sometimes it seams like its all for nothing..... It isn't easy being me Empath, I need an Adventure partner who's my best friend to sit under the stars talking about Life, dreams and talking about everything
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Bible, Ron Paul - The Revolution, all kinds of music -- but not
most rap. I enjoy all kinds of food, chicken, shepherd's pie,
venison, dove, pheasant, and elk. Orange chicken. ( I can make it myself)
The six things I could never do without
Family, Friends, Jesus Christ, God, Prayer, food, Freedom, Liberty,
The Constitution. The strength/courage to stand up for what I
believe in and help weaker people when no one else does.
Being able to think for myself have my own views and opinions.
Having people I can look up to as being my heroes like so many of Our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson

I spend a lot of time thinking about
The current state of affairs effecting this once great Country, what kind of bondage our we selling our future generations in to with so much Spending and debt? how to make a living with out working for the Man. Off the Grid Living- getting away from most modern technologies and things that really don't make life any easier because we lose a piece of our self when we can't get away from " technology"

I am Pro Life, you can't have a choice if you Don't first have life....... Why are animals more protected then the unborn children ?
You should message me if are pretty much drama free, you're an easy-going, decent
person, or if you would like to make a good friend... you like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, getting involved to defend our liberty.

Ok so I have talked about me and I like to be honest I am Human and I have my demons I fight daily
Depression, Anxiety, IBS, allergies, my back is messed up and my knees hurt once in a while when I go hiking to far...
I have a hard time trusting anyone, and or getting close to me, I've also had Dysgraphia and tinnitus since I was a kid...
I am an introvert, quite...

Why should you message me ?
well I am very unique, Honest, Loyal, loving, thoughtful, caring.
once a real friend I try to be a good friend... I think I'd make someone a great husband one day even with all my flaws and problems I face I mean cmon who doesn't have their own problems to face why face them alone ??? .

I want to live a life less ordinary.... I want someone to enjoy life best friend my lover to grow old with to make out of life what we can working together through good and bad times....

If You read all of this Kudos to you, I've been single a Long time so I keep adding to this.
First Date
Hiking or picnicking in the park, or fishing or somewhere we can talk and get to know each other. defiantly not dinner and movie like most people do
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