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I do not wish to date anyone who will take the Mark of The Beast or take the tracking chip embedded Vaccine Bill Gates is promoting.
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Time is now near that a man to date or marry on any site can not save you with what you are attempting to look for and gain.You will be forsaking Jesus and HIS salvation should you continue to look for a man with money and possessions and properties as your salvation. Very soon, things will happen that may leave you "left behind". It will prove to you how wrong you were about mans salvation rather than Jesus's Salvation. For your love of money and possessions will bring you to ruin and shame. Hi, my name is Doug, I have never known how to describe myself. I am 56 years old. I hope to find a friend here if it is possible, just someone who I can talk to and communicate with. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well with my Dry Humor, If you want to know more, let me know and leave a message please so that I may know if this really works. Yet in the same respect, it would be nice to just have a friend to talk to who is prophetically gifted if that is all my LORD will allow me to have in this season of my life. Also, I do not attend 501c3 churches where Jesus's head has been removed and the Government stands in Jesus's place to answer to. Yet I am in no way dismayed by this that I will not fit into 99.5% of todays women's worldview criteria to acquire someone to date or have a relation with and that is why I am only seeking a friend. I am completely happy to be by myself as I have been for years and working in my hobbies and talents. Yet, if I were to date someone, I would prefer her to be anointed and gifted in the prophetic through the HOLY SPIRIT so we can share what has been revealed to us and help those in need. Also, should there be a person the LORD provides, she will automatically know and tell me everything the LORD has said to her concerning the one I am waiting for. Oh by the way, I am on here to attempt to make friends as well and to eventually talk on the phone, so if you have an interest, leave a message or contact me. Thanks for reading this. Blessings. Remember James 3:9 With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. 10 Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. 11 Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? 12 Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh.
Remember to watch the mouth and tongue and the words that roll out. You cannot be blessed by the cursings (vain words that are not wholesome to be heard) you bring forth upon a person in person or private and public. You WILL reap from these cursings .........EVENTUALLY!!!!!
First Date
I do not know as of yet, I have not really been on a date scene for a long long time/years. I may be a little squeaky in many things as I may have to re-learn. So please do not take offense. Experience has been very little.
If I were to date someone, these things are what I will look for:
1. Very strong knowledge in the WORD and relationship in the LORD and anointed with an undeniable spiritual gift.
2. If you willingly cling to the spirit of Jezebel and seek control over a person or persons to curse, defame, control, physically attack/abuse, verbally attack/abuse, blame with no real cause, manipulate, threaten to achieve a goal, curse and swear at the person you are with, I am not interested in this kind of relationship and I will prophecy a downfall with the words the LORD will give.
3. Also, for many years, I have heard many many women state and or say : "I want to be treated like a Queen, Princess or be Romanced". How can there be a Queen, Princess or be Romanced with out the partner being treated like a King, Prince or be Romanced by you himself ??????? This is a one way street you are creating. JESUS is your KING, PRINCE and Romancer first and look how you treat HIM. But you look for a failing Secondary being to acknowledge you as Superior !!!!!!
4. I am well aware that many women will be afraid of the things I have written above and that is because they are severely weak with the LORD and in their walk and faith and are therefore putting on a facade to gain worldly things and pleasures. while I am seeking a very very very simple uncomplicated woman who has nothing to lose, who is not rich or wealthy by no means and does not depend on the world and riches to live for JESUS and who is totally obedient to HIM because she truly recognizes HE is her provider first above me. No man can bless a woman greatly without GODS consent. This is only done with both man and woman seeking GOD together for needful things in this life and not just another "I want" moment. "WANTS" are not needed to live a true and meaningful life in JESUS.
5. If you have not noticed that times are very different and will never be the same, with violence at peoples doorsteps now. With Leaders desiring the decimation of the population. We are indeed approaching the midnite hour in the LORDS return. So in this I ask, Would you seek a partner who has wealth, cars, Home, boats, planes knowing that rioters can destroy these things and lives for fighting back (and no one can help you)???? Or would you seek for a person who GOD has a protective covering over that can protect you in prayer with him ????? Wealthiness can no longer protect anyone from satans anger against christians. "For what does it profit a person to gain the worldy things/gain and lose your own soul" ??? Unfortunately, many self seekers will ignore this warning and eventually will find themselves in a place they did not desire to be. What a horrible parent they must be to put children through what is ahead all for the sake of money, men and wealth. Why not seek GOD first and HIS support where protection is guaranteed ???
6. Many also are unaware of this that Israel is about ready to sign a Peace Treaty/Accord with the Palestinians. A part of it has already been signed as of July 2020. What this means is that when the rest of the accord/s are/is signed, this will mark the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation as described in the Bible. Many will die during this time. SO what will the riches and monetary supports that many seek provide them when it will not exist ????? Even Gold will be worthless and scattered in the streets. Find a man/woman living for GOD and pray all will be well, Love eachother, do good to eachother, encourage eachoither, lift eachother up to the LORD everyday and be thankful you do not have to be alone in these times. Seek GODS protection on your knees daily, take communion to remember JESUS and what HE had done for you and Thank HIM in your hour of trials and do not fear and you will be favored.
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