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Music, singing, poetry and lyric writing, fine art and drawing, crafts, photography, kayaking, board games, halibut fishing, DOGS(!).
About Me
I am hopeful to meet a Christian man with a strong faith in God and who cherishes old-fashioned values. I suspect that an older gentleman who is more settled-down in his life (but who still enjoys living) might be a better match, as well, for many reasons. A sense of humor would be much appreciated. A musical bond in some capacity would add a whole 'nuther beautiful dimension (but a lack of would not necessarily be a deal-breaker).

I am not looking for a fast, full-benefits relationship; nor am I really into the wildly popular "singles smorgasbord" style of contemporary dating. So if you are into either of these, I am not your girl.

It is important that you also be legally and spiritually "free" by God's standards to be pursuing a relationship, if you are interested in getting to know me. When separated and not legally or spiritually divorced yet, you are in fact still married, and I do not want to be put in the unfair position of potential heartache or to be considered having the heart of an adulteress getting close to someone else's husband. It is not over until it is legally over - and even then, there is the aftermath and emotional strongholds to contend with. I realize there are many women don't hesitate to be with separated, and even still-living-together-with-their-wives married men; but the good women worth keeping who won't do the same or similar to you one day ... won't.

About relationships: being compatible with someone does not mean having to have everything in common; but the fundamental spiritual beliefs are pretty vital since all else pertaining to one's perspective on life and decision-making and relational matters will stem from those beliefs.

I am also Conservative in Politics. Our political beliefs are in direct correlation to our Biblical values (or lack of) and our perception of God. I am neither for the Elephant, nor the Donkey. I am for the Lamb.

We don't have to have EVERYthing in common, but having some common interests that can be shared together would be great. Sharing time together draws closeness. Maybe we have a few mutual interests?

Here are some of mine:

Music or anything music-related;


jamming with my family (though that is rare anymore - still priceless);

lake kayaking;

lyric and poetry writing;



playing board games like Catch Phrase, Scattegories, MadLibs, Taboo, Pictionary;


Theater/Performing arts;


Renaissance Festivals and the like;

watching thunderstorms in the dark;

reading by the fireplace;

halibut fishing;

getting sleepy by a big campfire;



(Did I mention MUSIC???)
First Date
That can be determined once we are communicating. It should be easy enough to find something mutually enjoyable. We can start with a light time commitment - and if we are comfortable with each other, we can extend the meeting.

I would prefer to establish friendships first with other Christians whose life and lifestyles are centered on their faith and God.

I hope that mutual interests and a like-mindset towards God would hold a prominent place in the lives of any potential friendships that I may acquire from this site.
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