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Well there is still no photograph here but please read through what is written...Then if you really believe that there is a potential for you and I to become something special together...then...send me a message and if you are courageous you could go visit my facebook page and see a lotmore of me, including a photo.A lady just sent me an email saying that I should fill this section in...well....she is probably right...So here goes...I have travelled to a lot of places...from Anglesea in North Wales to Minneapolis in Minnesota to Zambia...to the Sudan...to Brazil...to who knows where next...Now I am back in New Zealand...Seriously ...I have been around the block a few times and have somehow...with the help of a guardian angel, who has been in angel hospital a few times,...managed to weather most storms with only a few scratches and a little bit of learning and a smidgeon of wisdom...Well Jesus finds my wandering ways pretty much not to His liking so he has to constantly bring me back to reality...yes reality. I am an imperfect Christian who finds conservatism extremely hard to deal with...I am a socialist by political leanings, but find the benefits of capitalism much to my liking. I am a carpenter and yes I do work my hands in wood...So...next step...I have gone to universities in the US and in the UK and I study mainly because I like it and because I refuse to be bored...I do carve bone as a hobby and work as many hours a day as a carpenter to keep body and soul in one piece... I have a rather dry sense of humour and don't watch a lot of TV...better things to do I suppose...I have no real baggage but then again maybe I do....it all depends on perspective...I really do dislike being alone and I have been solo for fifteen years and it is past time to do something about it...but a dating site ...really...what about the pub?...well I don't go to the pub more than once a year...I do like a bottle of half decent wine every now and then ...soothes the savage beast? Sorry no real savage here but if there is anything that actually appeals to you then get in touch....There is no photograph here...weelllll...I have one nose ..two eyes ...two feet ...and all the other parts are still there...next step a photograph...well that will happen soon enough... Have a really wonderful day and be blessed...And then there is the you...the woman I want to marry...you are perfect in every way shape and form...right...seriously...You want to cuddle ,...you want to walk on the finest beaches in the world...you want a strong man walking with you...you want to just enjoy life and strive for betterment...you want a man who wants to be loved and adored and you want the same...so many wants...isn't this fun...I do believe that there is a lady out there who can make a difference in my life as I can make a difference in hers...so the big question is , Where are you and why won't you get off your behind to come seeking me...Is this no more than a message in a bottle tossed into the ocean...I hope not, that is certainly not my intention...I am serious about finding a mate who will live a life of grace, So now you have read all about me, and still I will not fit in your little box...I don"t even fit my box because my world is limitless and probably a little irresponsible, but sometimes I get lonely; truthfully loneliness is why everyone is on a dating site...we all need comfort and grace and love in a very human way. God doesn't fit into any boxes and pours out His comforting grace upon all who seek it earnestly ...so...Lord that woman is there somewhere please open my eyes...and hers.
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Daydream about where to go from the first date to the second date...and so on...
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