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I've been to several dating sites before..no success, either met some jerks or stupid scammers..so, i'm not expecting much, proly just look around..but who knows..

If i chose not to write too much about myself before, that's not because I'm shallow or a boring person, i'm just not a person who talks too much at first encounter..i prefer to be an observer, see and checking things out, thinking, considering, then figure out what will i do or will not do next. I don't like bragging about my self either because I'm not perfect, and neither a perfectionist. So if you're looking for a perfect woman, i suggest you should stop searching to look for her in a dating site, we're not angels. When i finally write this, i was just trying to be friendly.

The reason I'm here is because i rarely have time to do my own search in real life. I'm not here for liars nor cheaters (i had had enough of them in my life, it sickened me because i almost married one), so if you are one of them, or having almost similar way of treating your woman in your real life, or even already have a relationship and playing single in this site, don't even think about "wink" me!
I also have no rooms for perfectionist, as i said nobody's perfect, neither do you..unless you are a millionaire Superman, who spend his money for children in Africa. So don't try to make yourself sounds perfect, or expecting my perfection. I can except flaws and i hope others can except mine too.

I work as a Public Relations Assistant for a senior politician but not and never be a politician myself. I also a volunteer worker by teaching the less fortunate and homeless children. Anyway, I'd love being a teacher, making people who know nothing to be able to do things even bigger than what i can achieve is a personal satisfaction that no money in the world can buy.
I was born and raised as a christian in a the country with the largest moslem population in the world, Indonesia. Lived in a city which used to be the place of a bloody religious dispute. And yet, excepted Jesus as my personal savior only 3 years ago.
That's all that i can say for now.

By the way, if you are scammer, let me tell you something clearly : I WON"T SEND A DIME!!! NOT EVEN IF YOU HAVE A NOBLE MISSIONARY WORK (DUHHH!!) IN A DISPUTED REMOTE AFRICAN VILLAGE!!!!!
Got that?! Have a blessed day!!

"My" tips to identify a scammer :
1. They told you they want to marry you in their first message
2. They said you have the most impressive profile they have ever read
3. They want you to write them to their private email
4. Their profile said they want a woman/man who are willing to sacrifice for them and for their future (pfftt, yeah right. how 'bout get a job? a decent job for Godsake!)
5. They use their profession/occupation to write their name such as : general, diplomat, engineer, etc.
6. They said that they have a royal family line (one i knew even said he was related to the late moamar khadafi..are you kidding me? did you read the word "stupid" written on my forehead??)

So if you have any of these in your profile, GET LOST!!!!
First Date
Conversation, getting to know each other..over a dinner/lunch or coffee or casual walk..nothing fancy or hollywood movie scene kind of thing..just trying to be normal, and please be normal, do not exaggerate or even faking..had had enough of fake people
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I'm here looking for a christian husband..
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FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Football (soccer)
FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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