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Creating, designing, keeping the old ways alive, free energy, Inventing Things, Building Projects TOGETHER we both might enjoy. Talking about the Lord,Doing things for the Lord,MAKING FRIENDS
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I Am a Widower 5 yrs now... Been a Long Hard Empty walk but ready to move on now. The Lord taught me early that Looking to the inside of someone is a FAR greather importance than the outside shell.
I retired a little early because of medical related issues 6 years ago. The Lord has healed and taken care of most. All though I do still have a few small issues. Nothing debilatating. :peace: The lord is working on them to. Faith does heal all. I'm Proof.:angel:
The Lord sent me an Angel and then took her Home. I was in great need. He didn't want to lose me. He will teach us many things. All we have to do is open our Heart and Listen. He will never lead us wrong. I want to return the favors he has done for me. I really love Helping People. Especially those that are at least willing to try and help themselves. I believe in help those in our back yard. We have many right here that need help.
I do have my own home, live off SS only and little projects I can do to keep extra $$ coming in. The Lord always seems to provide a way. I used to Love camping, fishing, gold prospecting, walking in the woods, spending time in the mountains. { Boy I wish my home was in the mountains } dealing with challenges. I have a lot of old junk around the house where as I hate waste and do SO MUCH enjoy creating things with it. I have built water wheels, Windmills, Energy free water pumps, Turned water into fuel {almost blew my truck up with water...LOL}. Birdhouses, Flower bed sencery some gardening.camping in the mountains, Letting people know I care about them.
I belive in total honsty. There may be some thing in my past I am not proud of. If asked of anything, I will answer honestly. I expect the same for a sucessful relationship. I won't say I'll never get married again because Im still missing my Angel. But maybe with someone I can talk and relate to, the Lord will soften these wounds. We never know what God has planned for us. We need to listen and follow. ...PLEASE DON"T LIE TO ME""THEY HURT SO BAD AND TRUST GOES OUT WITH IT<<TRUST IS SO IMPORTANT IN A RELATIONSHIP OF ALL TYPES>> I PROMISE NOT TO LIE TO YOU..
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just talk and follow the Lord. Give Jesus credit where he deserving. Talk about why I gave Santa Claus THE BOOT...:stop: LOL
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