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Put looking for as "Anything" because "just the forums" wasn't an option.... Kinda taken atm :D

A chaotic emotional mess... ok slight exaggeration. Not conventional in any shape or form, if a group of people are arguing about something I'll probably not find anyone to agree with :/ Loner, eccentric and prone to righteous indignant rage on behalf of the bullied. I have a wide and varied skill-set I have yet to find a proper use for... working on that though.

I must confess to ADD. Makes me a Philosopher, Theologian, Scientist and general tinkering wise-guy. Also makes me horribly non-productive at times as I ponder something probably irrelevant. Hope to yet find someone that can handle my obscure kind of awesomeness.

Looking for:
A Christian that is serious about it. A woman that does not think that a bunch of grown men running around on a big lawn brawling about a oddly shaped ball is manly but that playing PC games is childish... Someone that sees beyond the obvious and is not afraid of of the strange simply because of potential discomfort.

A woman that is neither half nor double my size. On the one hand I'd be scared I'd accidentally break her and on the other hand I'd be scared she'd accidentally break me :/

There are other things on a "checklist" but such a woman is too mythical to exist and besides perfect is boring even IF I'm right about what I want. It would though be nice if you avoid filth like harry potter, game of thrones, anything with a vampire in it, etc and tend to prefer dresses to pants... yes I find a woman in a dress more feminine/attractive than one in pants.
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Have any of you found guysthat say they love you and chase other women?
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Have any of you found guysthat say they love you and chase other women?
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Have any of you found guysthat say they love you and chase other women?
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