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I have changed my profile so many times, I feel like this is becoming my own personal blog space, but I have to now share my heart, even if it causes few responses. Actually, I guess this really is my intention, so no harm no fowl. My intention is for that one person who might read this and hear the still small voice tell them, this is the guy you should contact.

A little history, I have been through a lot of loss and pain. I lost my Mom, then my Dad, then my business, then my FAITH, then my wife and family life I had for 15 years. In the last 4 years I have focused on my circumstances. I focused on all I have lost. When I tried to explain this to a friend of mine, (who had never been through a divorce, he told my my focus was all wrong.) I was a bit frustrated and I told him I had been where my focus was completely where he says it should be now. I thought my life was good then, but now it is almost impossible to focus on anything else, and he just did not understand that since he had not experienced my kind of loss. Then he said something that gave me pause. I thought about it for a second, and then I realized, he was right when he told me, my problem, was that even though I have been saved all my life, I never have truly understood my identity. I started to think about my identity in Christ. Who I was because of Him. Who GOD created ME to be. Before the foundations of the earth were even laid, GOD had planned for me to be a man of royalty. I am a joint heir. I am the one The Master killed the fatted calf to put on a block party for in celebration of me returning home because I am a Prince who found his way home. Wow, what a revelation that was. I heard the message my whole life, but I never truly had faith that me.... Troy, that I was truly wanted by God. I know he saved me, but I was maybe one of those people he created to simply be a servant. You know, that son that parents say the love, and they do, but when they looked at the other sons or daughter, you could see that glimmer in their eyes. To understand that the living God, who created everything, created me, and looked at me with the same glimmer in His eyes, that He looks at all His children. To understand, I am NOT the broken step child, I AM HIS SON HE LOVES with a love the world can not contain, was life changing for me. All I can say is, now my focus is NOT on my circumstance, my focus is on my identity.

You might be wondering why I wrote all this. The truth is, after realizing my who I am, I further realize the person I want to meet. I am hoping anyone reading this will understand when I say, the women I want to meet is a true worshiper. I am far more interested in a spiritual relationship. Truthfully, all other characteristics are secondary. I love to watch people who are so lost in worship, nothing else takes away their focus. I would love to have a significant other that is lost in worship everything else in the moment becomes secondary.

If you have read this and I do not sound like a complete nut job to you, and you feel you meet the above criteria, let me know. If you just have questions about what I wrote, feel free to ask.
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